Part 2: BDO Valkyrie UUNP (Diana) 4K

- BDO Valkyrie V1.2 UUNP -
Part 2

↓First part here↓


So, we are here in the second part of the pack.
You'll find a bunch of new armors and accessories too.
The base is a short robe and you'll have sevaral colors available. White, blue, red and yellow.
All these colors are correctly bodyslided. A black color is also available but the bodyslide only works for the weight 1, so no showcase for this specific color.
All these colors are welcome. You have choice. The rendering will depend of your own ENB/palette/settings I believe. Every ENBs are friendly with specific colors, it's well knowed. In my case, the red and the blue robe are the most enjoyable. 
Main textures are 2K. An honorable 2K. Results are pretty good. They are fine. You can see the detail fabric....the tissu. I like that.
When it comes to boots, textures become 1K. Again a nice result. Long boots are metal made, short boots are simply made of leather. I like this variation. This change can modify the global spirit of the mod. To make it simple, long armored boots provide protection. They have also a nice reflection (indoor or exterior). Short boots are more casual....for everyday.
An interesting detail. Always appreciated.

However, one thing really change the global spirit of your armor: Capes.
These capes are probaly the heart of the mod. They are seperate parts and HDT-PE. You can wear them with all other mods. It's mash-up time 😁
These capes are also a good 2K like the short robe. They move well. I noticed that Dint999 really likes this effect and so am I. He works very good with this effect.
Each capes protect the front and the back of the chest. Both sides are HDT-PE. Cool result.

Interesting detail, you have several undies to wear with this armor. A trouser as well (see the "panty" image 😉). These panties are a bit funny, but they are also very feminine.

I also really like one other detail. An accessory is available with this mod. I don't really know the exact name of this piece but it protects shoulders, the throat....above the breast.
This piece matches very well with other mods. Work perfectly with the first part of the mod (the beige HDT-PE Skirt...). Colors work well together. I made a Gif for you to watch.

This second part is nicely done. It's highly customizable and I'm sure that everybody like that. This second part is an important addon (or update) to the mod. Call that like you want.
A bit less elegant compared to the first part of the mod, but it has more content, more variations.
Well, don't worry, It's an all in one. The mod contains all parts.

Hhermes did again this UUNP conversion. Nice choice again and a good global result.
Only the black dress is half bodyslided.

Exceptionaly, this BDO mod has good textures......for a BDO content. We rarely have clean textures like these.

Well, cool mod and nice second part. Less stylish compared to the first part, but highly usable for every type of gameplay.

To finish on a point of improvement, I think the mod should be better named in the inventory. It may be a bit confusing. That is the only thing which disturb me a bit.

The satisfaction is here!


BDO Valkyrie V1.2 by Dint999

Direct link (use this link)

BDO Valkyrie V1.2 UUNP by Hhermes


  1. Really cool armors, and great showcase too as always!

    Thanks for the review Marmotte, high quality posts here!

    1. HI Athena,
      Yes, this pack was very enjoyable to showcase with all these hdt-pe effects everywhere :)
      I believe that you like this effect too.

      thank you for your presence.


  2. ^ Agreed, great photos and content. Also, thanks for the links, I've looking for a convertion of the armors in the 1.21 vertion.
    Keep it up

    1. Hi,

      Absolutly....this version is the 1.2. When I will have the next uunp update (1.21 or more), I will create a third part. simply. Things must simple on the blog.
      I will also link to these articles to complete the showcase.

      Thanks for your comment and presence here. I'm also glad that you find the content you like and want.



  3. Hello, why the download link is the same as first part? Is that a mistake or I'm missing something?

    1. hi Anna.
      I wrote it in the first part. the link is the same. It's an all in one. the pack is divided into 2 parts just to lighten the weight of each article.

      So, it's not a mistake and nothing is missing.

      Use the link whatever the page.



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