Part 1: BDO Valkyrie UUNP (Diana) 4K

- BDO Valkyrie V1.2 UUNP -
For this pack, I wanted to divide this article into two parts. Mainly to lighten the weight of each article. This is also an easy solution to understand clearly the content of this mod.
What's inside? How is it made? What can you expect? bla bla bla....bla bla bla...😁

To answer to your first question: Yes , I have already showcased this cloth in an older article.
So, why a second article?
I have decided to redo it with 4K images. Much precise.
My first article was also made with a much less precise ENB and with older binaries.
Finally, this new pack includes more armors ......and the UUNP bodyslide is much much better👍
So, exceptionaly, I will delete my old article in some days. I rarely delete articles but in this case, that's for a better arrangement and to present a better blog.... easier for you too.
 That's good reasons, aren't they?
Now, place to the article. Both articles have comments. Both articles have a link to download. That's the same link. You'll have the full UUNP BDO Valkyrie pack whatever the page.
If the BDO Valkyrie have updates (core and bodyslides), I'll just have to create a third part.
This first and the second incoming article showcase the BDO Valkyrie Version 1.2.

Thank you and good viewing.

So, in this first part we can admire the first outfit available in the pack BDO Valkyrie.
A pack made by Dint999. This cute cloth is available since a long time into the original shape.
I had a bunch of UUNP bodyslides for this outfit, but none of them was perfect.

This new UUNP bodyslide is close to perfection and will suit to your girl like a charm.
I'll be honnest!! My review will not be objective.....and for a good reason😇
This specific outfit is in the TOP 10 outfits for Diana. Yes, It's in her wardrobe since a long of her favorite. It's just vital for her.

In fact, this outfit improves Diana and it suits her perfectly.
With this outfit, her legs are perfect......long, thin. This outfit also highlights her silhouette, her pelvis and her global attitude. The bodyslide is also perfect on her small breast.
The bodyslide is made by Hhermes. Good work again!

That's strange isn't it? Because this cloth is definitily not high resolution. It's a mix of 2K and 1K, but textures are highly compressed. Maybe a bit too much.
The 2K is not very precise, the 1K as well. Normalmaps are a bit better and they definitly help to achieve a decent result.
So, textures will not impress you. I'm sure.

The bodyslide is perfect. It's perfect on the UNPetite body. This will be perfect on all bodies. I'm almost sure. I don't try them all 😅
I wrote that I never had a perfect bodyslide for this outfit. This one is the best I tried so far.
However, like old bodyslides, this one miss again one color variation of the dress (upper part).
You have the essential, but this small variation is a lack in the bodyslide. For each parts, you have different color variations:
- boots
- gloves
- skirt
But a specific dress variation (clearer) is missing. I'm disappointed on this point.

The outfit requires High Heels.
The skirt is HDT-PE. It's charming and this effect gives the final feminine touch. Diana likes a lot.

Well, a global good job on this first bodyslide. The original mod is a nice choice and a good port of the BDO equipement.

With its low textures and the small missing part, this outfit should have a good score...but not a very high score.
However, I wrote that i'm not going to be objective😋 for this ensemble. So, I'm not going to give a "technical score".
I'm going to give an "ardor score".
It's just essential for Diana, so I can't do anything about that.

She decides! I told you I couldn't be objective 😁


BDO Valkyrie V1.2 by Dint999

Direct link (use this link)

BDO Valkyrie V1.2 UUNP by Hhermes


  1. Love the outfit! Lore friendly but elegant and not too over the top.

    1. Agree Alter Native. In fact, colors are just very well balanced. They fit perfectly to the world of Skyrim.
      I have always liked this outfit and I honnestly write that. I miss impartiality :) but it's a just cause :)

      Glad you like it.

    2. Oh, btw, loverslab doesn't want to change its header image ;) So, we will always have this "old grayish blurry" image.
      Too bad for me and for you.

  2. I wish this worked for Skyrim SE too

    1. Hi Zquad!
      Glad to see you.
      I can't tell you about compatibitlies between LE and SE. I readed that a lot of armors may work.... but no guarantee.
      I guarantee a decent result on LE, but I don't try them on SE.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you my friend. I can use it in SE but I have to delete the .xml reference as HDT-PE doesn't work in SE everything has to be HDT-SMP. But getting the UUNP to work for BodySlide was difficult but I figured out a way to make it work.

  4. I've tried everything I could think of to get this outfit to work on my Skyrim. Anyone know how to download it step by step with NMM (Nexus Mod Manager)? I use the UUNP Special body and don't want to change it due to most of my mods requiring the UNP body

    1. HI Adeline,
      Download both files (the original and the uunp bodyslide) and extract them if necessary.

      Mix them and then compress them together.

      You'll have a complete compressed file to use easily for your Nexus Mod manager.


  5. Hi
    This is cloth or armor ?

  6. Link for UUNP are gone....lost :(

  7. AnonymousJuly 07, 2020

    Yes :c Please a link T.T


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