Final Part: Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP (Diana) 4K

Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP
- Final Part -
+ commentary

Tera Vulnus (HDT-PE)

Tera Valor (HDT-PE)

Tera Valkyrie

Tera Tirkai (HDT-PE)

Tera Winged (HDT-PE)

Tera Umbra (HDT-PE)
Tera Umbra Original/Alt (HDT-PE)


Seven articles to cover the entire pack!!!
It was necessary to show every armors and their details. I hope this serie wasn't too long for you to watch.
The goal was of course to discover this pack and all variations. I don't see frequently these armors in various showcases, so I felt the need to do it.

So, this is a real big package😀
In this mod you can find more than 30 armors + some variations (colors mainly).
All these armors come from the game Tera. I never played Tera and I don't really know the content of this game but all this content fits well to Skyrim in my humble opinion.
Both are fantasy games and we can find commun points.

In this pack, you'll find heavy armors and light armors. Somes are fully covered and others are a bit revealing....but always with style. Nothing vulgar here! All armors come with 4 parts: the hauberk, gloves, boots and an invisible helmet (to have the benefit of the armor perk)
This balance is very well done and you should find several armors for you character: Warrior, mage, thief and more.

  • First added value: The HDT-PE effect.

It is available on several armors (60% of the entire pack). This effect works on long coat mainly.
This reacts very well in game. Coats are never "stuck" in the body and they always retrieve their proper position.
A very nice job. Move well and react rapidly.

  • Second added value:

The complete UUNP bodyslide. Quality sliders. On all armors, i hadn't one single clipping. As you can see, the pack is big and I think that the whole bodyslide is an exemple. Lady Horus is definitly a master to create bodyslides. One of the best bodyslides I tried.
Again, keep in mind that the mod doesn't contain one outfit.....but more than 30 different armors. So, I consider the bodyslide as p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Simply.
You can easily batch build the entire pack. It take several seconds of course. All pieces are bodyslided. No missing parts.

In this wonderful pack, I only found 2 "negative" points.

- Textures are unfortunatly a bit low. All textures are 1K (1024*1024). In fact, the result will vary according to your game resolution and according to all textures you have in game.
In my case, my game has a lot of 2K and 4K textures and I run the game at 1440p or 2160p on a 4K all armors look blury and with a lack of precision.
If you run the game on a 1080p monitor with 1K and 2K textures, your result and your sensation will be better. Logical, isn't it? 😄
To be sure, I asked personaly Lady Horus where textures come from. Textures are all extracted from the original Tera game.
In all my Tera articles, you can see this "gap texture" with my characters skin (4K) or with various 2K weapons.

- Textures do not react a lot to reflection. Yes, I think it could be better with massive reflection and with important shiny effects.
These armors look pretty noble, sometimes elegant and a shiny effect could have improved this sensation.


So, textures have a lack of precision. It's a reality. But they are extracted from the original game and this pack is already an ENORMOUS work. I can't ask a retexture of course 😁

And i'll be honnest, all qualities take advantage over textures.
You'll have difficulties to find an armor pack with:
  •  + 30 armors
  •  HDT-PE effect
  •  a perfect bodyslide
  •  various styles 
  •  a lot of choices
 Well, of course you can find several packs like this one.
Maybe you'll like the incredible Bless Armor Pack UUNP as well 
or the great BDO UUNP pack

Lady Horus Tera Pack is just a great pack and it deserves the best score of course. A huge amount of work for sure. Easy instalation, easy bodyslide, clean result.
We can go further. This pack is also for male characters and all armors are adapted for the male gender. But this is not the plot of this article. I only focus on UUNP conversions.
In this pack, you'll also find a huge amount of horns. I join this image from Lady Horus to show you a sample.
Horns by Lady Horus

Well, it was a long showcase but I did it. Give it a try....It deserves a real try.....and surely a place in your load order.


Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP


  1. Good job covering all of them. I know there are a lot of armors in that set. All of of your posts on it have been great.

    1. Thank you Glenn.
      It was not easy to cover the entire mod.
      To be honnest, when I installed the mod, i though it contained less armors :)
      Then I realized that there was quantity.

      Well, I just made several articles to do it easier.

      I'm glad if you liked all article (mainly not boring).



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