BDO Shudad Cuirass UUNP (Idye) 4K


To obtain this cuirass, you must download first the full BDO Pack. It's a very big pack (1.2 GB). This can take some time if you don't have a good internet connexion like me.
But I can tell you this pack worth it......
This main pack contains one esp, meshes and textures. Nothing else, just the essential. This pack is fully standalone and will not conflict with other mods. The mod just overwrite some SOS textures. I don't need them, so I have deleted those files before the instalation (data/textures/actors/character/SOS) just to have a clean data folder.
This full pack is for males and females. I only showcase the UUNP conversion of the Shudad Cuirass. Existing UUNP bodyslides for this pack have been created by several modders. So, I prefer to create seperate articles. It's clearer, I believe. In this article, I showcase all the content about the "Shudad Theme ".

So, today, the Shudad Cuirass!.......nice name, I like! Comes from Black Desert Online.

This cuirass comes with:

- the main cuirass
- boots
- 2 stockings
- gloves
- a circlet
- one helmet
- a 2 handed sword
- a 1 handed sword
- a shield
- a shield on back (aesthetic)
- a shield + sword on back (aesthetic too)
- arrows + quiver
- a bow

So, the content is very nice and the armor is a theme itself. I like when we can feel a spirit, a mood (I know, my vocabulary is incredible!!)

Textures are a little bit pixelated. 1K for the main part, 512 for other parts. On a 4K monitor, we clearly see this weakness. This is not the first BDO armor I showcase. Textures are not the strong point of BDO armors. However, the global feeling in game is nice and we quickly forget textures.
Side note: The reflexion is almost nonexistent.

And why we forget them?
Just because the cuirass is sooooooo stylish!  😍
First, the main cuirass is HDT-PE. This effect is perfectly placed on the chain mail (front and back).
The full helmet is very famous for its unique shape. Very nice if you want to have a more agressive style. Or you can use the circlet. You can see that it fits perfectly to Idye.
2 pairs of stocking for the feminine part. A black one and a white one. Good-looking and just enough sexy!!! 
The strong point is the addition of weapons. A very nice added value. And the mod goes further. Indeed, you can equip a "shield on back" or a "shield+ sword on back". That's just for the esthetic but it's definitly great. Especialy if you are not a user of the mod "Shield on back".
Well, all weapons are welcome in the game.

The bodyslide is well made. A reason to use UUNP. Even the Unpetite body looks good. I notice a seam on the wrist........nothing is perfect :) But It's hidden by the gauntlet, so the armor is safe :)
2 pieces aren't usable for me: A third helmet is not viewable and a third pair of boots don't fit on legs.

Well, A definitly great armor, stylish, feminine and usable in game. And this armor is just a small part of the full mod. I'll showcase them soon...and one per one to show details. The full pack has been unified.

So, what are you doing? You are still here? You should already be on the original mod page  to download this amazing pack and on Diablio's page  to use the Unified UNP Shudad Cuirass!!

Still here???


Shudad Cuirass original by Haeun

BDO Pack 

Shudad Cuirass UUNP conversion by Diablio

direct link

Diablio's page


  1. This armor is excellent, and your pics are amazing as always!

    The link here is for the alpha version, anyone have a link to newer version? I'm still searching and if I find one I'll share it here. Thanks!

    1. Nevermind, I think the link provided here is indeed the most up to date available easily. Any other updates are probably super rare.


    2. Hi Athena,

      You are correct, another 'bigger pack" exists.
      But, for the moment I only have a link for this middle size pack (1.23gb), which already contains a lot of armor. Lot of bodyslides are also made on this version.
      So, This smaller version is already a good stuff.

      Like you wrote, other updates are super rare.


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