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I like these articles. They allow me to share with you how I work on the blog and my general thoughts.

I believe that's important. I hope you like them too.

These articles allow me to make the point of the  two or three last months. As you know, I'm not a machine...neither a robot ๐Ÿ‘พ and one of my wish is to bring a spirit, a mood to this place. Well, my own personal touch!

So today, we are going to share a lot of subjects about Skyrim of course, about mods, tendencies.... and some private subjects too..... I hope you will find this content constructive and interesting.
This article is pretty huge. As usual, I always try to write correctly.........well, as much as I can.

Specific subjects may required your opinion. So, I'm waiting, of course, your feedback on every points if you have the desire to share your thoughts with me or with us. This can definitly help me. Free speech is required :)

Let's go!!

1) Skyrim Scandal is "Responsive"

You watch the blog on various supports. Computers, phones, tablets, TV and probably many more. Blogspot (Blogger) is " Responsive Web Design".
This simply means that the blog is automatically resized, shrinked or enlarged to make it look good on all devices.
Best results are on a standard computers because of the wide monitor of course.
I find it interesting on phones too......especially with vertical images.
Well, it's logical.
For exemple, You can do some tests here
You can also test the blog on your own phone too. 

Looks nice isn't it? You can watch Diana "full screen" on your phone!!๐Ÿ˜„
You can also notice that my 4K images have a really nice result on phones.๐Ÿ‘

On a phone, Only the right side bar is a bit messy. Indeed, I have special scripts that interfer with the resizing.

So, you can watch the blog everywhere on your favorite device and when you drink your morning coffee for example.

2) Your "Fancy Little Boutique"

My friend Asherz told me that the blog is a Fancy Little Boutique. Well, in my opinion, this fits perfectly to the blog. This is a great definition and I like it so much.
I'll try to include this term on the blog. Where? For now, I don't know but I must find a place!
Skyrim Scandal is definitly your UUNP Fancy Little Boutique.
Oh, by the way!!! The boutique is always open!! 24/7!!

3) You can subscribe to the blog

Yes, it's the best solution to follow last articles. You received a notification (email) when I publish an article.
It's short and easy.
The subscribe button is a bit small, I agree. It is just below the title/ description of the blog.
You are free to subscribe or not....and with the email of your choice.
On the first subscribe, It's important to validate your email to make it work.
If you have already subscribed, I am interested to know if all is working good. A feedback is appreciated.

4) 2024

What is it???? what is that??? What could it be???
Well, you probably know that this is an estimation of the release date for The Elder Scrolls 6.
In 5 long years!!!!!! ๐Ÿ’ฅ(we are almost in 2019)
Yes, it's a very long time. 13 years between Skyrim LE and The elder Scrolls 6!!
I don't understand Bethesda. They are of course free to work like they want but this duration is very long.
The Elder Scrolls games are for patient gamers. I always told it.

The community is big, enormous, doubt about that. But Bethesda should be a bit more careful and attentive to his community, his players, his customers.
Bethesda is not alone on the market and things can change very quickly in our modern world.

Let's just say that Bethesda holds his own futur into his hands.

The positive point is that we'll  have a lot of things to share together for these next years and Skyrim LE and Skyrim SSE have all the time to improve again and again.

5) The Witcher 3

Maybe you remember, but I had an internet issue during July 2018 and for several weeks.
Unfortunatly, I wasn't able to work on the blog but all is back to normal now.

However, I used this time to play a bit more.
Skyrim of course!!! and my modded Fallout New Vegas too.

I also played the Witcher 3 for the first time.
What a great game!!!!! I love this game.
I only did the main game 100%. I hadn't time to play the extentions.
Characters, story, combat system, visual, no loadings. Well, it's impressive and I had a really great pleasure.
I was only disapointed with armors. They all are just the same but with different names and level protection.
I played the game at 60fps in 1440p on a 4K monitor. It's just superb.
My GPU wasn't able to run the game at a solid 60fps in 2160p. It was only 40-45 fps.

So, I selected 1440p for a very smooth gameplay experience. All settings max.

Well, I recommend for everyone but I'm sure a lot of you have already played this game.

This experience have piqued my curiosty about CD Project Red and I'm following them about Cyberpunk 2077.

6) Gopher

I like this guy, simply.
First you must know that Gopher helps me.
Yes, he is speaking a very good english and it's a pleasure to heard him. This helps me to improve my english. He also speaks slowly and clearly. I appreciate.
He knows that his public is international.
He also did a very nice playthrought on Skyrim Special Edition. I recommend. He plays intelligently and he is funny too. Do not expect a highly modded Skyrim with Gopher. It's minimalist and without ENB. His SSE is also build very lightly to handle a solid playthrought.
Well, I simply like him even If I take the game very differently.
Of course, Gopher doesn't need promotion  ๐Ÿ˜ŠEverybody knows him!! Let's just say that he makes a nice work.
He also has a free speech and I appreciate that too.

7) Diana is not only a preset

This is the private touch of this article.

As you know, one of my character is called Diana. I created her several years ago as a preset.
And this preset, the character, her name, her elegance and her body is totally influenced by a girl i met in the past.
Yes, I met a girl called Diana in the past. A random meeting.
The first time I saw her, I was pretty shocked. What a beauty!!! A Goddess!!! Pure elegance and femininity!
Everybody has his/her own sensitivity about that.
Well, she was definitly my type of girl.

By chance, we shared one common passion. Indeed, we are both pianist. And you know that music creates bridges between peoples. Well, it helps :)
We finally became closer and finally a couple.
A delicate moment in my life. Really๐Ÿ’˜

So, we had some common points for sure, but also two different lifes.

She wasn't my nationality and she also had a "heavy past". Well, a bit difficult to live. She was also always in the past. Me, I live in the present.
Well, you hard relationship which comes to an end.

A true story like everybody lives.

But Diana is in my mind and she will be always in a small side of my head.

So, back to the present!
The Diana you know is the Diana I knew.
They are almost the same.
Only two small differences:
The true Diana doesn't have ashen hair. She has wonderful long brown hair.
She hasn't neither a butterfly tattoo.

But her face and her body is pretty close to the "original". For this reason, the UNPetite preset is really realist in my opinion.
I know what i'm talking about :) You really doubt about it?๐Ÿ˜

Ok, back to Skyrim.
The VideoMemorySizeMb is a line you can find in your ENBLOCAL.ini in the Skyrim folder.
This data is really important. The memory must be adapted to your computer....or you may crash.
Last year, Windows 10 was updated to use more memory with a directx9.

I readed on a lot of forums that this memory is limited to 10240. Peoples write that this is the maximum number you can write.
In my case, my memory test size is a bit more than 16000.

So, to be sure, I asked Boris himself (the creator of ENB) if this memory is limited.
His answer:
" There is no limit. All big values are useless if you dont have many mods installed, especially texture packs. Also dont expect that you can set any big value, Windows itself use some ram (2gb), game for various data (around 1.5-2gb), so better to subtract such values from set in memory manager (unless this value is above physical vram size)."

Now you have an answer.

9) Q&A Bijin skin

I received an interesting question about Bijin Skin and why I don't use it. So, today I answer.
I downloaded Bijin Skin UNP version when it was released. Day 1.....or Day 2...I don't remember exactly.
I'm of course always very interesting with new skins and what they can bring to the game.

You probably know that I'm a faithful user of Fairskin Complexion, mainly for the main diffuse and some normal maps too. too. So, if i need to change, the new mod must be better.
My first try with Bijin Skin UNP wasn't satifying. The skin had a really horrible crotch zone. The type of skin I can't use. You can see that I frequently showcase skimpy armors, bikinis or revealing outfit.
The crotch must be perfect. It's perfect with Fairskin Complexion. It wasn't with Bijin Skin. That's a detail, I agree but this one is important to me and for the blog.
I tried some close up too, for portraits. Bijin Skin is a bit blurry on lips....exactly like SG textures. Fairskin Complexion is clear and correct.

So, my first experience wasn't good with Bijin skin. The mod doesn't fit to my needs...and I need precision.
I saw that the crotch zone had finally a fix after several month. i'll probably try it again but I really doubt that I'll move on Bijin skin.

However, sometimes, I can use Bijin Skin for its speculars...occasionaly.
But for speculars, my preference are always Fairskin Complexion, the Pure and Demoniac skin.

Here is my feedback about this skin.

10) Pan Baidu

Pan Baidu is a big chinese website. On this website you can find several UUNP conversions.
Recently, to download a file, you must register.

I don't have any plans to register on Pan Baidu to download and to showcase outfits and armors from there.

Mainly for several reasons:
- The entire website is in chinese and it's very slow. I have already a hard work to publish in english which is not my native language. The website is also very big
and I'm afraid that I could waste a lot of time to find conversions.
- If I showcase a Pan Baidu file, you must be registered to download of course.
Do people register on Pan Baidu?
Is this an excellent source of bodyslides?
I don't know. If you have answers, please write a comment.
- Links are not reliable. I have already download from Pan Baidu and links are unfortunatly not reliable and may disapear very quickly.
I spend a lot of time to create a showcase. A removed link creates a "dead article" for me. I can't take this risk and I can't waste my time with that.
- Conversions from Pan Baidu are frequently unfinished and/or low quality. Some UUNP conversions has been neglected in the past. Quality sliders is a perpetual objective on the blog. Again, I can't waste my time to find the right conversion in this huge website.

Well, you have my thoughts. However, If i find alternate reliable links and decent conversions, I'll do them. You can count on me.

11) All Coco removed

As you know, I can't waste my time with not reliable links or not reliable places to download.
I spend an important time to showcase all conversions. My articles are not generic.
All free/ public mods which end behind a paywall will not be showcased and will be removed from the blog.

I created the blog to avoid spams and strategies.
Using a community, members and screenarchers to gain visibilty with public mods, then put all behind a paywall is of course extremely not welcome here.

Hopefully, I have experience. I have never showcased any Coco's Patreon outfits. From the begining, I knew that all his/her creation will fall behind a paywal.
The reason I never showcased these outfits. My experience saved me....and I won a precious time.

So, on my blog, I delete one article with Coco's stuff from Nexus (Mermaid). I simply made the choice to not showcase this modder.
I also delete the URL of this page to avoid any kind of promotion.

Let's focus on the free and public stuff.

12) Support Skyrim Scandal

I received messages from several peoples who whish to "support" me, my work and the blog.
Well, It's not my habit to talk money.
However, some peoples like to show their gratitude for the service I give.
So, in some days, I'll put a simple "donate" button if you wish to show me your gratitude.

Your feedback is of course welcome about that.
Is it welcome?
Does it fit to the blog?
Thank you for your feedback.


I have been contacted by
They are interested to translate my work.
As you know, the Russian language use a different alphabet compared to English, Spanish, German or French.
So, A translation could be welcome for the Russian Community. A lot of Russian peoples come on the blog.
I gave my permission to translate my work.

14) ENB

I'll released my ENB in some weeks.
I need a permission from Rudy (Rudy ENB)
The base of the ENB is Rudy ENB NLVA.
All the ENB is rebalanced to my taste.
- The ENB is tweaked for NLVA weathers (new gradient skies, fog, rains, etc)
- The ENB works with Relighting Skyrim for all the lighting system (yes, I'm tweaking all interiors).
Indeed, with a modded Skyrim, ELFX is still not optimized and you can still have massive PFS drops in specific vanilla interiors and in new places (like for example Hammet's Dungeon Pack).
I tried RLO too. Nice lighting system but I have unfortunatly too much flickering walls and lightings due to the limit of the Skyrim engine. Skyrim has a limit with the number of lightings and with casting shadows. The result is massive walls/grounds flickering. RLO is nice, but it hits too quickly this limit.
So, my final choice is Relighting Skyrim: Full solid FPS in every interiors and no flickering walls/grounds. Just perfect. I combine it with SMIM and RCI. So, you can even use high poly meshes of SMIM without fps drops.
- New worldspace support. Yes, I'm tweaking new worldspaces too. I have just finished the full tweak for the mod "The world of Rudra" with all 13 weathers in the weatherlist. i'm staring to work on the Gray cowl of Nocturnal now.

Why a rebalance version?
Well, I love Rudy ENB but I wanted something different for the adaptation, the bloom, all the lighting (direct lighting, point lighting and ambiant lighting). I made it sharper too. More precise. Sometimes, Rudy ENB is too dark for me, and sometimes the bloom is too much excessive.
The subsurface scattering is precisely tweaked too, to obtain a nice result with your character (skin).

The goal is:
- Better performance (with Relighting Skyrim)
- A precise ENB
- Keeping the Rudy's touch
- I'll probably add a list of Depth of Field (gameplay and screenarchery)

Also, keep in mind that this is not a small tweak of Rudy ENB. It's a massive change.
I use it for my articles since several days.
This ENB is of course mainly for people who like the visual of Rudy ENB, a semi realist touch and really good performances.

Also, I still don't know where I could upload it. Nexus? here? Loverslabs? Pan Baidu? (lol!!no) or another website. Feel free to give me your suggestion. I need it.

I'm still searching a name for this ENB.
Your feedback and your ideas are welcome too.
For now I have 2 ideas:
- Rudy ENB Rebalance
- Sweetroll ENB
I'm still searching.

I'll need 3 persons to test it before a release (if Rudy gives me the permission of course)
3 persons with 3 different Skyrim.
- a lightly modded Skyrim (almost vanilla) and a small GPU
- a standard modded Skyrim (good looking game + textures) and a good GPU
- an highly modded Skyrim and a very good GPU.

Write me if you want to be part of the test.

15) ENB for Climate of Tamriel

These last month, I tried a lot of ENB and a lot of weather systems.

I found a very good ENB if you like to use Climate of Tamriel.
I strongly recommend this ENB. It is beautiful and very performance friendly
You need to download seperatly binaries 319.
It works with Climate of Tamriel 5.0. The ENB has also and esp + meshes + textures to edit a bit COT (this overwrite some COT files).
For Interiors, RLO interiors is recommended (links)
The original Dof is superb.
The balance visual/performance is really high. Well, don't miss it!

 KR ENB 319 for Climate of Tamriel

16) Thanks

Thank you everybody for visiting the blog. I just hope you always have a good time here.

I wanted to thanks Rogdonlp to publish his articles here. They are always well written and a lot of people read them. Thank you Rogdonlp
I wanted to thanks Idle who also post some UUNP articles. Thank you for the time you spend on these articles.

And of course, thank you to every peoples who post comments on all commentary sections. You know I appreciate.

I use this opportunity to let you speak freely about what you want. If you have the desire to have a specific content on the blog or if you want that I create something new, just tell it.
If you see some points of improvement, they are of course highly welcome.



  1. WoodsDwellerOctober 26, 2018

    The Witcher 3 DLCs are definitely worth playing, particularly Blood and Wine. Take your time, we'll wait...

    2024 -- I think Bethesda has too many IPs for as long as their development cycle is. This is a long time to wait for your favorite franchise to come around again. On the bright side, I might have my Skyrim modded to suit me by then.

    Thanks for the work you do here.

    1. I'm hoping it will take until 2024 because they finally decided to develop a new engine.

    2. Blood and wine is on the list-to-do.
      Could be interesting to write various articles about the witcher 3. But the heart of the blog is Skyrim and UUNP conversions. I don't want to mix game on the blog.

      And yes, we definitly have time to mod Skyrim according to our desire. I believe that the game still has a lot of potential: Skyrim Le or Skyrim SE.

      Thanks Woodsdweller

  2. I find Pan Baidu a very disorganised and messy site (also very slow). You can spend half your day looking for something and never find it. I don't blame you for not looking for conversions on that website. Its not productive.

    Also i would love to give your ENB a test, I liked Rudy ENB (i tried all the versions) but in the end i uninstalled it mainly because of the reasons you have listed. So if you have fixed those issues i would be glad to give it a try.
    Think my install is standard, Run Noble skyrim, vivid landscapes, SFO/verdant/SMIM etc.
    GPU: GTX 980 ti, I run the game in 2560x1440

    1. Hi Lint77,
      I feel the same about Pan Baidu: disorganised and messy. It's not productive and I could probably spend a lot of time for a few results.
      Some peoples provides alternative links but I don't know the reliability. I'm waiting.
      Thanks for not blaming me :)

      I already have found players to test my ENB and I already have somebody with a GTX980ti standard game. However, thank you for your proposal.
      I'm still searching somebody with a low PC and a weak GPU (2gb). Your computer is a bit too powerful for the feedback I need in this category.

      Thanks for your interest.

  3. Why, it should be Scandal ENB!

    If Rudy becomes a bit less fuzzy and orange I will be very happy indeed. As you know, I need crisp and bright interiors to show off my staged settings. Sometimes I also want to show off skin though, lol.

    Right now I am using Caffeine as a compromise solution, but I have to do a lot of tweaking.

    1. Lol! I'm not sure about Scandal ENB..I need to think about it.
      I'll probably choose "Rudy ENB rebalance" or "Rudy ENB Rebalanced".

      My enb doesn't have bright interiors. Relighting Skyrim is logical. Not light source = no light
      Also, keep in mind that ELFX brings more light sources but fps drops too.
      It's a choice.
      But i'm tweaking the ENB to be usable of course.

      I don't know very good Caffeine but I'm sure it's a compromise solution. I don't use it, it's not my need.

    2. All relighting mods cause trouble for me, so I don't use them for interior shots where I care about what the furniture or surrounding scene looks like (as opposed to just faces, hehe). Every single one is too dark and too bright at the same time. I don't want realistic lighting; I want the scene to be lit as if by clear daylight, every time. So my needs are sort of backwards from everyone else.

      FPS is not a concern as long as I can still stage the scene, lol.

      Caffeine is okay. Skin and other textures are okay outside. Weather/clouds ... not as good, even with NLA. Inside is .. well, it's Snapdragon. It's still the best solution for me.

      I am really looking forward to seeing what the ENB looks like. But I'm also not a suitable playtester, hehe 1060 gtx 6GB means pretty okay performance.

    3. A well balanced ENB is extremely hard to find. There is only one solution for you Syl. You must try several ENB/lighting mod/weather system to find the best for you.
      On this point , i can't help you because it a personal taste.
      I found nice enbs to showcase the character but some of them are poor in interiors or doesn't support weather systems. Some ENBS are great for landscapes but are poor on the character.
      Performance is an important point too.

      You seem to have a nice computer, so your choice is large in my opinion. You can probably run every enb correctly.

      Also, keep in mind that multi palettes remove the original spirit of the enb. Palette also brings a fantasy touch. Do you search a fantasy touch?

      Another point is that specific depth of fields add a color to the ENB. For example, Snapdragon dof adds a strong green filter, or Rudy dof darken the scene.

      Tell me if you find interesting in the future.

  4. The Witcher 3

    It's a wonderful Universe. If you have never read the novels, you should. I don't know what your native language is, but I am sure that it is translated for it. It was originally in Polish. The games have gotten better over the years, But TW3 took off and raised the bar for companies like Bethesda to make their games better. CD Project Red wants to make games micro transactions free, which is great for gamers. They are also DMR Free, if you play through their GOG. If you play through Steam, there is a DMR. But, The Witcher Universe is wonderful.

    Diana: You already know my thoughts. Thank you for sharing how Diana is based off of a Real Woman, and thank you for sharing her. For my tastes, she is the perfect woman shape and looks.

    ENBs: I would love to use ENBs, but I have yet to find one that adds more light and not make it darker. I want to see the beauty in everything, even caves. But almost all ENBs want to make it darker. I'm not a lore person, so I don't care if it breaks immersion.

    Subscriptions: Yes, I get emails letting me know when something new is Blogged. Speaking of, I didn't go look at the latest Diana Blog.

    2024: In my opinion, it is because of CD Project Red that Bethesda will need to take this long. Look at the visuals for TW3 compared to Fallout 4, which was released 6 months after TW3. Bethesda is behind on what a game should look like.

    I think that's all I was going to comment on. Now I'm off to look at Diana!

    Bad Wolf

    1. If there is a particular ENB you like but don't use it due to making things too dark i would be happy to send you a fixed enbseries.ini of that ENB that fixes the issue. It's usually a pretty quick fix :)

    2. The issue that I always have, is that interiors are too dark, noisy, bloomy and too orange. I have tweaked sooo many .ini files to manage this, and I'm still kicking myself that I got Snowfall Weathers behaving once and then accidentally overwrote it. At the moment the reason I use Caffeine is because the interiors have all those LUTs to swap through to try to manage (interiors are Snapdragon or similar; exteriors are Rudy or similar). Still, it's not my favorite for either interior or exterior, it's just better than swapping constantly.

      As each ENB seems to have totally unique settings it's a lot of trial and error.

    3. To Bad Wolf:

      I agree with you. TW3 took off and raised the bar for companies like Bethesda. However, when TES 6 will be released, CD Project RED will reach a higher level too.
      Last creations of Bethesda (FO7 and FO76) are not impressive.....unlike TW3 with bring new mechanics.
      For example, Watch TW3 lods, they are wonderful. I feel bethesda still late about lods.

      Diana: so, we have same tastes :)

      ENB: I don't know the perfect ENB and it doesn't exist in my opinion. But there are good ENBS in several catagories: realist, cinematic, performance, eye candy, etc... So, I think it's already a good reflex to choose a category...then the ENB.

      subsription: Glad to read that all is working fine.

      2024: Agree again

      Thanks Wolf for this complete feedback

    4. To Syl,
      To have a solid tweak, you musn't tweak your ENB serie, you must tweak all your weatherlist in your weather window.
      A tweak for every weather, interior and exterior.

      The interior orange touch can be edit with the CURVE and the DESATURATION of you light.

  5. Interesting, thanks Marmotte! I will loook at that. And oh, joy the whole weather list, huh?

    Good thing I have a spell for always-sunny weather. Think I'll start with that one..

    1. I know Syl.
      A rapid and quick tweak can be done in the ENBserie.ini. But this tweak will affect all locations, all weathers...everything, everywhere.So i don't recommend this manipulation.
      That's the reason why you can see on every shaders "ignoreweathersytem".
      If it's uncheck, this means that your enb use the setting of your weatherlist...and not of your ENBserie.

      Then, check your weatherlist and start to tweak each location.
      It's a long work.

  6. Smokeybear187December 01, 2018

    Hello Marmotte,
    I've been following your blog for about a year now and I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've done in making your articles visually beautiful and informative. I particularly love the retex series, I've followed them closely and my game has had a very large improvement in quality, thanks again. This might be a bit late in response to your request for testers for your upcoming ENB, but if not, I would love to help out. I have a extremely heavy mod setup. Currently have over 900 esps merged down to about 245, and many, many(Oh God, so many) texture mods, mainly 2k-4k for large things, 1k for small inconsequential things. My system is i7-7600k, GTX 1070. I'm a long time user of RUDY NLVA as well, with RS/ELE for lighting. Let me know if I could be of some help, and I look forward to more updates, especially the retex's!

    1. Smokeybear187December 01, 2018

      Correction, i7-6700k, not 7600k.

    2. Hi Smokeybear.

      I have difficulties to find time to write Retex articles. I have a lot of things to share and to write. I have also made new discovered. Well, A lot of work but the UUNP showcase doesn't allow me to write Retex article for now.

      My friend Idle who also post UUNP showcases doesn't have enough time to support me as well.
      For this reason, I'm going to search another person to showcase UUNP conversions. Idle will still post showcases very occasionaly.

      I hope to find a solution, so I'll be able to post more Retex articles, Tips and Sexy articles too.

      About the ENB test:
      I have already 2 testers for high end and middle computer.
      For now, I'm only searching someone with a very light skyrim and and small gpu. Your computer is too powerful :) I have already someone with a computer like yours.
      Thank you for answering the request. I appreciate. However, It's not impossible that I may need a fourth opinion. So, we keep in touch here.

      Warm Regards,
      and thank you for your fidelity.


  7. Smokeybear187December 01, 2018

    No worries. I can understand the time constraint, since the Retex articles are much more in-depth compared to a armor showcase. Even if they are few and far between, they are very welcome. I am looking forward to your ENB, I decided to keep my main mod setup with Rudy NLVA RS/ELE ready for when your ENB drops. Variety is the spice of life, but Rudy always feels like home.

    1. Just a question for you Smokeybear:

      All Rudy enbs are build around ELFX.
      Did you modify your enb settings (mainly lighting) to made it look good with RS/ELE?

    2. Smokeybear187December 01, 2018

      No. I have little experience modifying enb settings, still learning. However, I have not encountered any bugs or issues with the settings and lighting mod combo. The combo is brighter then ELFX though. I wouldn't mind it being a tad darker, but overall the lighting is still good. I can get some screenshots if you'd like, maybe of some specific locations you'd like to see? If you have discord, I can share them with you there. If you know of any guides for tweaking lighting, I might try my hand at it. I understand your ENB will be based around RS?

    3. yes, my ENB is based around RS+ELE. RS+ELE = no fps drops (interiors) and no flickering on walls/grounds.
      RS + ELE are made to run together. it's the same modder.
      RS + ELE are also just 2 small esp.

      ELFX is a ton of meshes + compatibility patches. RLO has scripts and it hits too easily the max number of light available (flickering).

      For this reason I build my enb with RS + ELE. Results are good in my opinion. My probably will be probably interesting for your. We'll see.
      I know the basic result when you install a Rudy ENB and RS. It's dark. Because RS has less source light compared to ELFX.
      I 'm still working on that. It's long.

      Yes, I want to see your result. my discord Marmotte#5335
      join me

    4. Smokeybear187December 01, 2018

      Ok, ill message you tomorrow. I'm Smokeybear187#6204


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