BDO Tyrie Armor UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


The original armor is available in the BDO pack. A huge pack with a lot of armors for males and females.
I have already showcased some armors of this pack and they are generaly very good quality.
For example, you can admire the famous Shudad Cuirass UUNP from this pack...good stuff

This Tyrie armor has mainly 1K textures. However, sometimes they look like 2K which is an added value. It's performant and beautiful. Only a small part of the dress is a true 2048*2048. The armor has also a very good result on monitor.
Lorelei is the perfect character for this sort of armor and this will probably influence my opinion about this armor. The armor has also a good integration in the game.
All BDO armors are always very "shiny" and "showy". That's the BDO spirit but it can be used in Skyrim I believe. Pelts and furs are nice but this spirit is welcome here.

The body slide is made by Thanh (Kokoro's wardrobe). Thanh does generally a very good work on conversions and I hadn't any doubt about the quality of sliders.
The result is here and clean. Definitly a good job. Only sleeves may have strange shape but it's due to the original shape and there is nothing to do against that. Or maybe adding an HDT-PE effect...

So, a very good original armor and a very clean UUNP conversion..... You can't ask more! 😀

Infact, you have more here. The armor is in the BDO pack, so you receive a set of weapons and accessories for the Tyrie Armor:
- a bow
- arrows and quiver
- 2 swords and a small shield

You also received 3 accessories like a "shield on back". You can see them in my images.

I'm always amazed by this pack, its content and the global quality.
We have quality and quantity. It's rare.

It's a must have I believe. If you like the BDO armor style, this pack is definitly a great value for your game, your character......and your eyes.
As good as the Shudad Cuirass, definitly!

A big shiny pack!!!
Global score 

BDO Tyrie Armorin the BDO Pack by Haeun

BDO Tyrie Armor UUNP conversion by Thanh

Kokoro's page

or the direct link


  1. What beautiful armor! I have to have this, even if it's just for the bow and arrows.

    Nice set, Marmotte! Lorelei couldn't look better.

    1. yes, it's beautiful.
      You can use the pack only for weapons. There are a lot in each categories (sword, lance, bows, etc...)
      Thank you for Lorelei :)


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