Witcher 3 Female Armors UUNP (Diana) 4K


Humm, the Witcher 3...nice game isn't it?

Today, we have a conversion......converted😄
This armor pack  is converted from The witcher 3 to Skyrim, first. Then all armors are converted into UUNP. Hard work , isn't it?
I can't imagine all the time needed to do all this job by ZZjay (original) then by Diablio (UUNP).

And we obtain a very good result.

This pack contains a lot of armors, robes and pieces of several heroins of the game "The Witcher 3".

Before we go further, I have already done a showcase of one armor from the witcher 3 with a 4K retex by Pfuscher. This one is not in this pack. A very good one and a must have.

- Ciri's outfit UUNP 4K -

The blog makes sense when all is linked and logical. That's what I like. I hope you too!

So, back to the topic :)

An armor pack, very lore friendly in my opinion. These outfits match to the game. You can easily use them in the game if you like the lore. That's feminine.

Textures are very good. They are ripped from the original Witcher 3 and we can read on Nexus that ZZjay asked for a permission to use CD Projekt Red's assets. That's great.
Textures are 2K (2048*2048) and 1K (1024*1024). They have a very nice result in game. I'm not disapointed. Good looking textures with nice performances. I can't demand more.
Even with 4K captures, they are very very decent.
On a side note, I provide a Anaphiel's Nexus link to download more colors for some outfits of this pack.

About the bodyslide:
The bodyslide doesn't modify all armors of the pack. You are warned. However, I showcased every armors to have a complete article. You must see what you've got.
So, sometimes Diana is UNPetite and sometimes she is UNP (I believe that's an UNP body). Triss's outfits and Yennefer's outfit have been converted. Shani's outfit and Ciri's outfit have not been converted.
UNPetite and UNP are not very far each others. So, sometimes I can use UNP...rarely....very rarely......Diana is demanding.....me too :)
So, the bodyslide is nicely done. I saw severals clippings. Too bad the whole pack is not UUNP.
Maybe ZZjay completed the pack after Diablio created bodyslides...I don't know/remember.

You can use a lot of parts to create a mash up with other mods.
The mod doesn't contain weapons. All weapons you can see here are not included.
In this article , Diana is followed by Hawk, a very nice follower https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87776.
Hawk wears the Grandmaster Ursine Armor, from the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77667/?

Well, that's a real article about the Witcher 3......but for Skyrim.
We have a very good content today. 

You can download......blindly.


Witcher 3 Female Armors original by ZZJAY

Complementary colors by Anaphiel

Witcher 3 Female Armors UUNP conversion by Diablio

or Direct link


  1. Quick question for ya! Love the look of the armor especially with those holstered swords. What mod is it that gives you the sword holsters?

    1. Hi Robert,

      All holsters come from the immersive weapons mod.

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much for you're help. The aspect of a non belted holster or scabbard in video games bugs the heck out of me, so I'm psyched to give that mod a go! Appreciate all you're hard work and quality content you've put out. Cheers!

    3. thank you Robert, I appreciate your message


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