FROM INCEPTION (November 14, 2016) THROUGH JANUARY 27, 2019
- By Rogdonlp -

     Over the last 27 months a total of 503 different mods have been posted on Skyrim Scandal.  The mods on the website are arranged in chronological order with the most recent on top.  If you are looking for heavy armor mods you have to scroll through all 503 mods in order to find them all.  This is quite time consuming.  An index of the mods would allow one to quickly focus in on the desired type of mod.

     This index, built using a spreadsheet, is a first attempt at creating a working index.  In the index’s final form, each mod listing in the index would be hyperlinked to its corresponding webpage on Skyrim Scandal.  With this first draft the date the mod was posted to the web site is shown in the index.  This will help you locate the mod.  On the right side of the Skyrim Scandal main page there is a box that says Archive.  If you click on that box you will be shown an archive that lists mods by year by month.  Within each month the mods are sorted chronologically with the latest on top.  With a mod’s posting date, you can go to the archive and quickly find the correct year and month.  Knowing the day of the month will allow you to quickly find the mod you are looking for in that month.  While this takes time, it is certainly faster than scanning through 503 mod pages.

     Marmotte has tagged each mod page with the characteristics of the mod; e.g. light armor, cloth, dress, hat, robe, etc.  Some mods only have one tag.  Other mods may have many tags. This first draft of the index uses almost all of the tags. The casual and modern tags have not been included.  The tags that are used are listed across the top of the spreadsheet with the mods running down the left side.  If you want to look at all of the heavy armor mods just sort the spreadsheet using the heavy armor column.  That will group all of the heavy armor mods together.  You can then look at the individual heavy armor mods.  Then by using the year-month-day method you can find the mods you are interested in on the website.

     This first draft of the index is being posted to determine if the viewers of this website would use an index if one was provided.  Attaching hyperlinks to all 503 mods will take considerable time.  Before investing that amount of time, I would like to know if an index would be used by more than just a handful of viewers.  If you want to have the envisioned final version of the index please leave your comments below.  Based on the responses and their number I will decide whether or not to create the final version of the index with the hyperlinks.  Also, it is hard to proofread your own work.  There are bound to be errors in the data.  If you find any, please leave the details in the comment section below.

     Download the Excel version if you have Excel.  If you are using a spreadsheet other than Excel, download the CVS (comma separated variable) version.  You do not need to download both.    

Link to Excel Version
Link to CSV Version


  1. The Index as been updated through February 13, 2019. The new links to the spreadsheets are listed below:



  2. This is an awesome resource for UUNP users, wow ty!

    If you need help putting a directory together for all the mods I'd be happy to help! Just send me a sample of how you would like each of the 500 mods formatted and I will start putting together a list with that format...

    ty Marmotte and Rogdonlp!

    1. I imported this into google sheets and will start adding links, I will create 3 columns: Original; Direct Link (Original); UUNP Conversion; Direct Link (UUNP Conversion)

      If more columns are needed I'll make notes here, (such as alternate... which I seem to remember Marmotte posting here and there.)

      If you prefer a different format just say the word and I'll alter my plans... And once this is done, it should be pretty easy to concatenate everything into HTML code for a blog index.


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