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    Well, first of all, thanks a million for all your messages concerning my wish to stop working on my blog Skyrim Scandal.
A lot of positive messages and also a lot of support about my work these last years. I was touched by the incredible response that was shown.
For this reason, and because you all have found the right words, the blog is still available for all players.
So, i do not delete it.

This is the right decision. A lot of people still visit the blog everyday. So, we can say that my work all along these years is still useful.
If it can helps you, then i'm very glad.
You'll still find all my articles, images, showcases, reviews. The blog contains more than 500 showcases. It's enormous😄 and a nice solution to find UUNP rarities, UUNP oldies and UUNP classics. Oh yes! I like them. They are part of the heritage.

Some subjects and themes are "unfinished" like ENB tests or  RETEX.
I would need maybe one or 2 years to cleanly finish these topics. Well, for now... i can't work on them.

Currently, i have deleted all ads. Yes, my friend, no ads at all on the blog. The goal is a fast response display. I removed the useless. It's just better visualy too.
This simply means that the blog is extra super clean and safe. I'm sure you appreciate. When you visit the blog, all your network is dedicated to loading 4K images. Simple.
Currently, i feel the need to have and to buy a new machine. Something stronger and faster. I have the right GPU but the rest of my computer is a bit old (motherboard, CPU, DDR).
I could win some comfort with a better computer. I'm pretty sure about that. I could work faster too.
So, i plan to update my system.
For this reason, i 'm actualy watching news products, good choices, good deals. Well, i take informations.

Does that mean i could continue the blog in the future?
Maybe....maybe not.

A complete new computer means a new Skyrim build. Maybe, Skyrim SE will be the right choice in several months. Well, future will tell.
I'll know the new axis of my work in several month.

On a side note, in several month, i should have a faster network. (i hope)
This probably means more video content. I have some ideas to create new video format and i'm interrested in.
It's another axis of creation too.

The last note to tell you that my enb is still work in progress. I really feel the need to publish it. I work on it when I can. In the comment section of my last article (Farewell my friend), someone posted a comment.....and this comment contains the futur name of my ENB. So, thank you Dear You👍

Thanks for the support and the interest. 




  1. Thanks for the update. Look forward to your future projects.

    1. Thanks Glenn.
      Indeed, i have to organise and structure my work and future projects according to my schedule. But the most important is that i still have the desire to communicate about modding and to create internet page.

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure Asherz. Well, your messages was also pretty kind.

    2. I'm gone a Miss this Great Blog, Best Quality skyrim designs, I'll be waiting your return

    3. Hi Skygamer, There will be probably no return for UUNP showcases. The blog was mainly to promote stuff from a community. Currently, almost all UUNP conversions are made by professionals, so they promote their own work by themselves.

  3. This is very welcome news. Thanks for all you do, and have done.

    1. hi Forgotten. The blog stay here. For future, i just need a better organisation and new axis of work.
      Thanks for the interest.

  4. 나는 마르 모트가 이곳에 다시 돌아오기를 기다렸습니다
    다시 예전처럼 멋진 스크린샷과 의상들을 만나보고 싶습니다

    1. 고맙습니다. 나는 너의 친절한 말에 감사한다. 나는 또한 한국 방문객들을 자랑스럽게 생각합니다. 새로운 것을 만들어야 할 때가 있습니다.

  5. <3 Marmotte o/

    I browse your posts still as the go to resource for UUNP armor, nothing compares.

    The ads never bothered me fyi, was never an issue. But that is your call :)

    If I ever come across an old post with a broken link, I will be sure to post an updated link, usually I can find an armor once I know the name so that will be easy.

    Thanks for sticking around, and maybe once every 3-6 months, or even once a year, you will show us what you think the hottest armors out there are! And if not, there is a treasure trove here for tons of people to discover some day \o/

    1. Removing ads was a personal decision. It is simply not an added value for the blog......and i also definitly think that people are bored with ads. Ads are everywhere: watch Youtube, it's an ads nightmare.
      The blog focus on display, presentation, so ads are useless.

      If you find a dead link, a comment for you with a new link can be very useful. After several days, i can update it in the core of the article. good idea.

      One of the goal of Skyrim Scandal was to reunite all conversions in one place: here.
      All sources was welcome. For players, searching conversions became a bit difficult between all websites, blogs, patreons, obscure places and more. The blog was simply a solution for you.

      A lot of work for can imagine. Maybe too much for a human being like me ;)
      But it was a very nice experience.
      Well, now, it's time to build the future!

      Thanks Athena

  6. Hi Marmotte, you put a lot of work in this website. It probably started as a hobby, then it became work and ended up as an obligation. Try to make it fun again. If you love to make screenshot of all the wonderful armor mods out there do so, but don't feel like you HAVE TO post something everyday. If you don't feel like making screenshots anymore then just don't. Maybe your interest shifted towards the ENB stuff or another game. Continue with that. Start blogging about another game, start with Skyrim SE, Borderlands 3, Pacman, whatever. Just my 50 euro cents :) BUT, BUT, I can't wait for your ENB settings and maybe, maybe a new marvelous armor set...

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind words. Well, for now I can only promise one thing. The ENB will be release.
      I definitly think that a lot of tools are available for blogging and to create enjoyable places on the internet.
      New ideas can be find, i'm sure.
      Let's build the future!


      *i have no projects about Pacman :)

  7. Marmotte!

    Glad to see you back!

    My blogs kind of on hiatus at the moment too, because I'm focusing on writing, so I feel your pain. If you ever want to chat, you know where I am.


    1. Hi Syl,

      if you need to focus on writing, well, just take your time and make a break.
      Blogging is not an easy task. I learned it. We maybe live the same feeling.
      I will contact you soon.


  8. GG gars, pour continuer comme ceci, j’espère que tu vas l'avoir ces nouveaux composants et peut-être reprendre a écrire tes articles magnifique.

    1. Merci,
      Oui, je pense qu'une petite mise à jour de mon système serait le bienvenu. Principalement pour travailler plus confortablement et rapidement en 4K.
      Dans ce cas là, je pourrais peut être continuer.
      Mais j'aimerais aussi créer plusieurs blogs. Donc, il faut que je m'organise aussi.

      Merci pour le message.

  9. Salut Marmotte-sama ! I'm very happy to read you again ! Just passed by to check for news and ...bam ! Marmotte is here ! Que mon amour t'atteigne où que tu sois ! <3

    1. Hi :)

      Well, not really big news currently. I just need to make a break.
      I plan to buy a new computer to come back with new ideas and content.
      I also need to work on my organisation to produce new content for the future ( Skyrim, SE and TES6)

      I feel the love you send me.

      Thank you a lot.

  10. Thanks Marmotte!!! Best of luck with everything you do!

    1. Thanks Modal.

      I just need a new organisation and new challenges, ideas and concept.
      I want to create something new for the future.

      To make it, i need to change my computer and to use new internet tools.
      Let's build the future!!!

      Thank you ;)

  11. The dedication to your followers is inspirational, You would have been a great leader for some kingdom or country! What am I saying? You ARE a great leader! To a beautiful kingdom. No need to reply to little ole me's post today, your majesty. I was already impressed when you replied to every single Skyrim Scandal Realm citizen's lovely posts thus far.
    I believe only heroes make good leaders and it appears to me, your majesty, that to many, you are a hero.

    1. Hi Andragon,

      well, if you write a comment like this one, people will think that I force my visitors to publish incredible messages ;)

      If you found some inspiration, so i 'm very glad. I could go further about creativity but the blog focus mainly on outfits and, it's still a bit limited in my opinion.

      I'm surprised that you see me as a leader, because i'm definitly not. In fact, i'm more interested by a group rather than my own interest. I like exchanges between peoples too. It's constructive in my opinion. You know that my goal was to share first.
      In the modern internet, I believe that people who want to lead are not on Blogger. They are one Youtube, Discord and more.

      Well, i had an interest to read your message. Thank you..and i like it a lot!

      I'll ruuuullle the wooooorrrlllddddd!!!

    2. Everyone hail Marmotte-sama!
      The kitsune-of-many-talents, the true and only Marmotte-samaaaaaaa!

    3. lol, you are a true fan. I can feel it and I thank you for that.....but i don't deseve this title. I'm building a new computer..........

  12. Bonjour, je ne sait pas si je doit vous tutoyer ou vous vouvoyer, dans le doute je vais vous vouvoyer. Je suis tombé sur votre blog par hasard et je suis littéralement tomber amoureux de vos personnages ainsi que votre style en terme de photographie. Honnêtement, je ne sait pas si je vais avoir une réponse, mais je vais quand même essayer. Je ne tournerais pas autours du pot, j'aimerais pouvoir discuter avec vous, sur discord ou par mail. J'ai tellement de questions a vous poser, des mods utilisé pour vos photographie a de simple conseille pour prendre des photographie dans skyrim de façon optimal. Comme j'ai dis plus haut, je suis un grand fan de votre style réaliste qui caractérise vos photographie, je peut comprendre si vous décidiez de ne pas donné suite a se commentaire et cela ne changera pas mon avis a propos de vos photographie, merci de nous partager votre talent. Au cas ou vous vouliez donné suite a se commentaire, voici mon mail: " "

    Bonne continuation, cordialement xXTheCoolGamerXx

  13. 很感谢您所管理的网站。它很不错。我喜欢你的排版和美图。 它们非常的有美感。 幸好您没有删掉网站。现在我才能找到如此优秀的资源与美图。 💗

    1. 非常感謝。 非常感謝您的光臨。 歡迎來到中國。

  14. AnonymousJuly 20, 2019

    Just discovered you like a day ago. I'm glad all this is still here! Good luck for the future.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the blog is still up and should always be up. Happy gaming.


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