MBO 0022 UUNP (Ruby) 4K


This outfit comes from Team Tal's amazing MBO Outfits with HDT cloth physics enabled.
A collection of several armors/ outfits from the game Moonlight Blade Online.

You can download  each armor seperatly on the TeamTal patreon. It is also free and public, and can be used by every Skyrim players.
All these armors have been unified (UUNP compatible) by Nagothm on LoversLab.
I have already showcased some of these armors. For a better organisation on the blog, I will create a unique page for all this pack. It deserves a unique place. Easy for you too.

And today we are trying the MBO outfit number 0022.
To be more precise , I'm showcasing the 0022 M version. Yes, with a "M".
The M version simply means "seperated parts". Well, you know this principle.
Seperated parts mean that the armor is not just one piece. All components can simply be selected (boots, gauntlets, robe, skirt, hair, accessory, etc..)

On Nagothm's LoversLab page, you can download the version you want. The UUNP M version (seperated) or the standard "one piece" version. Simple.

Infact, The M version and the standard version are not exactly the same. All M versions remove the short, panty or trouser...depends of the mod. To obtain them, you will need to add the additional pieces to the esp to see them in game.
Feel free do do that.

In my case, I dont do that. I just prefer using a short or a panty from another mod. There are so much.
If you really want original shorts or panties, just use the standard UUNP conversion "non M".

I hope i'm clear...with my terrible english😁. In any case, Nagothm gives better explanations than me, so do not hesitate to read his Loverslab page.

So, now let's come back to the content of the mod.

The MBO 0022 is a simple short dress with a very nice HDT PE effect. This effect is nicely done on this little skirt. Never crazy.
The HDT PE effect is also available on gauntlets (straps) and boots (pompom).

Despite the huge number of effects, it's always very enjoyable and the effect makes sense.
You can also see an haircut HDT PE. For ECE users, once equipped, just go to your racemenu to trigger the hair color of your character. It's automatic. Generally, all MBO armors are provided with an HDT PE haircut.
In my case, and because of my characters, I just prefer using a KS Hairdos or other hair mods. A matter of taste.

The bodyslide is correct. All pieces are well made. I'm sure that everybody will obtain a nice result.

Textures are mix of 2K and 1K. Good result as well.

However, I noticed something about this entire collection.
If you watch closely TeamTal Patreon account, you 'll see that pictures showcase all outfits in the same place... probably the temple of Kynareth.
This temple has a strong ambiant lighting and particles. Very bright. I also think that TeamTal uses the magelight spell to enlighten the place.
And for a good reason. All black pieces of the MBO collection are very dark. I have already noticed this aspect on several MBO armors. So, I just think that TeamTal wanted to reduce this dark touch.

So, you'll probably need a good balanced ENB to highlight this armor and the whole pack. If not, you'll obtain a very dark result.

In any cases, this armor looks great and multiple bodyslides are welcome. The point is that this armor and the complete pack have a real unique touch and that's what I like.


MBO 0022 original by Team Tal (Patreon)

- Free and Public - 
or the direct link

MBO 0022 UUNP by Nagothm (LoversLab)


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