God Of War Armor UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K

- Note -
πŸ””πŸ””Axe not includedπŸ””πŸ””
Available in Jaysus Sword (Nexus)

- Note 2 -
Skin specular from 4K Graphene Block 30

God of War Armor original by CW97 (Nexus)

God of War UUNP conversion by Thanh (Flickr)

or the direct link


  1. I like it, however I think it could benefit from having some alternate color options.

    1. Yes, more colors could be an added value. The original mod has a red skirt like the original Kratos. The modder just wanted to follow the natural color of the volume 1 and 2.
      Thanks Glenn, for your opinion.

  2. Oh, did Graphene update? I'll have a look... Kissi looks amazing as always.

    1. Hi Syl,
      Graphene block only for specular...the wet effect. Normalmap and diffuse don't fit to my characters. But you are free to try. This skin is a bit "yellowish"....depends of your enb of course.

    2. btw, It's not an update of Graphene block. Just wanted to use a bit the s.dds.

  3. The last Graphene I had was 20, so I was happy to see it. They keep mixing in more The Pure, though-- so it's looking more like another skin I use, hehehe. I just tried that wet spec map and it's a bit tricky on the new ENB, very white. I dropped back to sweaty.


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