Gatti 12 Jewelry Outfit UUNP (Diana) 4K

In this philosophic article, i use the retexture available on Vossie's page.
See files and search for RealDeal Retex 3
Thank you

Note 2
I have a light bug on the "shower image". Sorry for that. This is due to the limit of light source. But i like the image , so I keep it.
Thank you again

Gatti 12 Jewelry Outfit original by Gatti2012 (Nexus)

- not needed -

Gatti 12 Jewelry Outfit UUNP conversion by Vossie69 (Nexus)

- all in one -


  1. Marmotte-sama, I like your philosophy!

    1. Lol, Playing Skyrim LE in 2019 is a philosophy :)
      All Skyrim LE players are philosophers.

      Everybody write his own novel with its own content.

      I'm glad you like by book.



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