Blood Red Outfit UUNP (Domino) 4K

- Note -
Gauntlets are not proprely bodyslide (hand size), so I don't focus a lot on them.

Blood Red Outfit UUNP by Melodic (Patreon)

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  1. Great armor and showcase!

    Strappy skimpy armor is always my favorite, if it had footwraps with heels and toes exposed instead of boots the whole thing would be 10/10

    Thanks Marmotte!

    1. My pleasure Athena,

      Maybe you can use the armor with Vanilla UUNP footwraps

      This could match. If i have another idea, I'll post here a link.
      The outfit is not HDT-PE. I know you like this effect, but it's not present here.

      Thanks for your passage

  2. Hello,

    I for once have a suggestion here. Athena, may wanna have a look at this outfit:
    It has a very nice set of boots exactly like you mentioned, heels and toes exposed. Sadly, apart from the usual BBP, it doesn't has cloth physics enable, but I guess you can mix the boots with accesories from other mods.

    Also, thanks to Marmotte for the showcase and the frecuent updates.

    1. Suggestion are welcome. Thanks
      But you should have use the "reply" button. With this solution, Athena can be inform by your answer.
      Thank for the link. This remids me that I need to cover this armor as well.


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