BDO Ranger Sylvia UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

BDO Ranger Sylvia original by Arbalest

( the original is included in the UUNP bodyslide)

BDO Ranger Sylvia UUNP by Siehmeyer (Loverslab)

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  1. This one is disappointing. I expected today's Skyrim to have much better textures than this. It looks more realistic in the BDO game than it does here. Here it looks like one of those cheap paper texture outfit mods. And I really love this outfit in BDO. I would love to have it in Skyrim but not looking like this.

    1. You are correct Andragon,

      All textures are generally extracted from the original game. That's the case of all BDO armors and they are generally middle/low class textures.
      They probably look cool in the original game but they definitly have a lack of precision in Skyrim.
      The only way to improve them is to fully retex them manualy but I believe that nobody do that.

      So, fully agree with you. As you know I just show what peoples got.
      Only metal parts look cool in my opinion (bracelets). For this armor, tissu is "cheap paper" :)

      Also keep in mind that the mod has been uploaded first on Baidu, a chinese website, and the chinese community has a lack of interest in HD textures.

      Thanks for your opinion.
      I share it.



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