Woodland Priestess UUNP (Diana) 4K



It's a new word I learned these last days. I will probably use it more often. It's short, simple and I'm almost sure to understand the sense and to have the right translation.

Indeed , this armor is neat........and on all points.

Let's start with cherries on the cake 🍰🍰🍰🍰
The veil and earings are HDT-PE. They move. Little details but highly important.
These tiny details show the love that the modder put in his/her work. And I'm personaly a huge fan of that.
With time, I'm also able to see how much effort and passion a modder put into his/her mod.
And believe me, this armor is love.
The third cherry is the HDT-PE loincloth...and this mesh has an absolutly perfect HDT-PE effect. It moves perfectly. Difficult to do better. It's neat!

All parts are seperated as you can see in the entire article. I always try to create several possibilities of mix for you to understand. So, you can wear the full complete armor, or you can also create a more skimpy ensemble. No limits!!! I like and it's neat.

Special mention for boots. Superb finishing and they are also very very realist. The result in the ENB is very enjoyable. Again, I did close up on boots for you to watch.

Well my friend, I really like the whole armor, its details, its movement and the global carefulness.

And textures???? Are they worth???
Strangely ....yes.
It's a 1K....but a very nice 1K. Sometimes it looks like a 2K. Textures and relief are improved because normal maps are excellent (1K as well).
A proof that you can have a pretty good result if you spend time on normal maps.
The best proof is that this 1K armor looks very cool on my 4K images. My resolution doesn't give a chance to low textures.
So, pretty nice and surprising textures. Not 2K, not 4K but a good neat sensation.

The original mod has been made by Avelnord on Gamer-mods.ru. You need to register to download, but i also found a direct  link for you to download too. Perfect. I discovered this modder when I showcased the Moonlight Armor UUNP https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/2018/10/moonlight-armor-uunp-diana-4k.html?zx=1e5c10f49937ae6c
I like his work and his style. He has good taste. This original version is for CBBE. But on Skyrim Scandal, we showcase UUNP! Neat!

And we also have a UUNP bodyslide available in a second direct link.
The bodyslide is made by Hhermes. Hhermes does pretty good choices these last days about conversions. His last conversions are well done, and this one as well.
Hopefully because this would be a shame to neglect a nice mod like this woodland Priestess.

The whole UUNP bodyslide is good quality in my humble opinion.
Just 2 negative points, I have some clippings on the panty and on gloves (inside hands). The panty is probably due to my bodyslide choice, but I'm almost sure that Gloves will clip whatever your bodyslide.
Can be easily retouched in the neat B. Studio.

I had a pretty good feeling and good sensations for this article. It counts, I'm not a machine.
This is an unmistakably positive signal and I 'm going to give a very high score. Not perfection because of the medium-level 1K textures and because of small clippings.
But we are close to the high quality stuff.

Guess what?

It just works neats!......and in my load order 😀


Woodland Priestess original by Avelnord (gamer-mods.ru)

or the direct link

Woodland Priestess UUNP conversion by Hhermes


  1. this looks great! Definitely getting this one.

  2. LeadpipejusticeJanuary 22, 2019

    Ask him to do Jousting!! Also the cloth might go good with it. Gonna try it out

    1. Your Jousting bodyslide is good Leadpipe :) I just miss the UUNP cloak to do the showcase :) Without the bodyslide, It doesn't match at all.
      You're right, we can mix the two armors. Nice idea.
      I'm gonna try!

      Thanks for the suggestion

  3. It's beautiful, it shines, so sweet, so sexy, it's ... Marmotte-sama! Sorry, because I'm sure the description suits well to our fantastic Marmotte, I got confused. <3 Restart ... It's the definitive cloth for the priestess. The mysterious veil does not say, like Marmotte-sama, it suggests. The wider the knowledge, the greater the choice, and the choice is yours, adventurer. There is still a lot to discover (or to uncover...)

    1. Lol, Marmotte-sama! I don't deserve this title. This title is for peoples with high importance. Not me :)
      You write pretty nicely. I would like to write like you.
      " The wider the knowledge, the greater the choice, and the choice is yours, adventurer"
      That's neat!

    2. Thanks for the compliment. I like to put a little bit of lore-immersion and roleplaying in the comments, if I can, it's a game after all. For us lovers of skyrim that we follow "skyrim scandal" you have a high importance, if only for the enormous effort and passion that you put in the blog, at least in my opinion, so Marmotte-sama sounds right. In what you do you have experience and skills, the title is deserved. And the compliments are the only way I can support you! <3


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