Primal Outfit UUNP (Domino) 4K


Today, the Primal Outfit by Nghệ Sĩ Ưu Tú aka NSUT and he is from Vietnam. A country I would like to visit one day. It seems beautiful with a lot of vegetation and with a lot of monuments. Well, Future will tell.

Most of his UUNP work is modern. Modern armors or outfits are not my priority but when it comes to the tribal equipement, I'm here😋

So, this new outfit is a bit savage. I like a lot, and Domino is my perfect model for this type of outfit.
Her delicate black skin always highlights the outfit and that's what I like. A great combo in my humble opinion. Well, It's my thing😉

Each parts are seperate. That's the strong point of the mod.
You will find:
- boots
- gloves
- a rope (to wear around your chest)
- an enormous skull shoulder
- a skirt
- a top
- leg straps
- a feathered headgear

Additionaly, you'll also find an accessory spear to put on your back (decorative)
2 weapons are also available: The same spear but for combat and a big 1handed stone mace

Well, a nice content and varied. This outfit is a bit sexy of course. It doesn't disturb me and I like the spirit because it's also very cute.
Size textures is very varied. That's a mix of 1K, 2K and even some 4K. I don't really see differences because parts are very small. My UNPetite body stretches probably meshes. Textures will have more sense on a generous body.
The feathered headgear is superb of course. I already know it. It must comes from the mod Ethnic Collection Volume 1 by Karter
I have already showcased this must have mod.
Well, in all cases, it's a nice choice and a nice selection.

A very nice balanced mod with an outfit, weapons and accessories.

Unfortunatly, I was not able to showcase some parts for several reasons:

1) The UUNP gloves crash the game
I tried 3 times. When you equip gloves in the inventory, the game crashes instantly.
3 tries → 3 ctd
It's not my game, I'm sure.
For now, the solution is to not bodyslide gloves and to use the original meshes. Not the best shape for my body choice but it's viewable. Let's hope a fix for that.

2) Leg straps are invisible
I just can't see them. They are present in the inventory but when I equip them, it's just invisible.

3) The stone mace has a texture problem
The axe is too "white" and meets problem with luminosity.
It's just "unshowcasable", so no images.

So, a bit disapointed with the global result. Gloves ctd the game and leg straps are missing, so we don't reach the best final result. 
Too bad because Domino was ready to use it frequently, but she is demanding and wants a complete wardrobe.

On a final note, you need to ask NSUT to download the file. You can join him on his facebook to obtain a link, or you can also ask a permission through Google Drive to download the file.
You can also email him. All links are available on his mod page. 
In my case, I send an email to NSUT and he answered me very nicely.

Sexy Domino😍


Primal Outfit UUNP by Nghệ Sĩ Ưu Tú aka NSUT


  1. I have accessed google drive on many occasions for many files but this one says I need permission first. What is that about I wonder.

    1. For this google drive, you simply need to ask permission to download. Send a mail to Nsut and he will give you acces to the download.

  2. I'm sorry, I forgot to say thank you.


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