Wicca Hunter UUNP + Textures (Domino) 4K

Brown/ Green Version

Red Crimson version

White Version
 /// UPDATE ///
 A final update is available to the end of the page including the mod and the bodyslide with edited meshes ( less plastic and a more natural effect of the leather)

I'm glad to showcase this outfit. I like it.
I consider it as a Classic. The first version was uploaded several years ago.....around 2014 if I remember correctly. Then, It was converted to CBBE bodyslide.
And today, we finaly have a UUNP conversion. Cool!

Well, I'll be honest, i always like all tribal, savage or native concepts 😍

The UUNP bodyslide is faithful to the original. In the past, I tried the original and the CBBE version as well and we have the same feeling.
The outfit has definitly better results with bigger breats. Well, it's an habit with slim bodies but the community uses definitly more frequently "generous" curves rather than "flat" curves. 
So the majority of users will be satisfied. A nice UUNP work and a good selection by Thanh (Kokoro).
All weights available and the 3 parts are present in the bodyslide : Feet, bracers and body.
The loincloth has a tendency to clipping throught legs whatever the body preset. An HDT-PE effect could have been the correct solution to resolve this movement.
You can observe that the outfit has a tendency to shine as well. It's normal. The original was edited in this way and the bodyslide follows the same rule.
The white version is also sensible to the bloom of your ENB. So, be sure to have the correct bloom setting in your ENB.

The bodyslide is an all in one (esp+ meshes + textures + bodyslide). Easy to use.
The available texture is the white version. textures are 1K (1024*1024). Strangely, it is not pixelated and the feeling is soft and we feel the leather sensation.

So we have here a cute outfit, a bit sexy and of course a nice UUNP conversion.

However , for this article, I wanted to go a bit further. Mainly about textures.
I also wanted to provide to my visitors a complete review, with added value and precise datas.
Indeed, original textures are not white. Original are brown/ red crimson. 
They are also a good solution to decrease the bloom effect.

To write an exact article, the best solution was to write to the original modder of this outfit.
So, I had a discussion with JRCosta, the original modder. A modder with knowledges and experience.
I strongly recommend you to visit his blog and to follow his work. It's a blogspot like mine. His blog is full of very interesting informations. Currently, JRCosta works mainly on Skyrim Special Edition.
- TES 5 Stuff -

Well, a member and modder of the Skyrim community.

I asked him original textures of the Wicca hunter. So, you'll have the original red crimson textures at the bottom of the article. 
JRCosta provides also very unique brown/green textures. 
All these textures are presented in my article. Make your choice !
I have permission to upload them here.
All credits to JRCosta of course. Thanks for sharing! 

To go a bit further again 😄, JRCosta gave me new meshes of the Wicca Hunter mainly to fix the glossiness and tangent spaces. They are also uploaded here.

The modification is: 
- less gloss
- adjusted specular
- updated tangent spaces and face/smooth normals
My article doesn't use these edited meshes. The reason why I still have this shiny effect. The bodyslide is fully edited.

Well, I believe you have all components to achieve great results, especialy if you like this sort of outfit. I'm part of these peoples.

Thank you Thanh and JRCosta to allow me to create a complete article.

Yes, Skyrim is a community 😉


Wicca Hunter original by JRCosta (not required)

Wicca Hunter UUNP conversion by Thanh

or the direct link

Crimson Red Textures + Green Brown Textures

All in one final UUNP bodyslide + edited meshes by JRCosta


  1. Wow, three of the armors you posted this past week are excellent. I like this one a lot (I'll rate it 9.5/10 once I get rid of all the glossiness :9 ), the Black Dragon armor, and the Witch of the Wild...

    All three of them feature something I love to see on any armor mod: leggings! The leggings in this one were great - I removed the sandal bottom and straps from the foot so only the leg wraps remained and they are perfect, and the Black Dragon armor has maybe the best leggings I've seen on an armor mod.

    Love the pictures you take, as always... Having a smaller chest is sexy, your characters have a Riley Reid style body... Though small tits with a large ass and thick thighs is the best! (Simone Peach in her prime is my fave of all time!)

    Great reviews, always visit this site to see what you have on showcase, thanks!

    1. Hi Athena.
      Thank you for this "all in one" comment :) I like that.

      Lot of peoples seem to like the Black Dragon. Personaly, I didn't have a hipe when I tried it. Probably because of textures. But the most important is the choice of players. I only show a suggestion :)

      I also read that you personalize you own armors. That's great. Tools like Nifskope or the Bodyslide can easily modify meshes. I do it as well. My main work with the bodyslide studio is to edit meshes to make them perfect with the UNPetite body for mods I use.

      You describe perfectly the Petite body. Small tits / bubble but and thick thights. A flat chest too. It's just a personal taste....so i showcase the UUNP equipement with the body I like.
      If my preference were the 7B, i would use the 7B body :)
      Well, this is the value of the UUNP. It's for everybody whatever the body.

      What body are you using currently? An official preset of the bodyslide or a custom one?

      Note: An ultra final update of the Wicca Hunter will be available in some day. Stay tuned.

      I'm glad you visit the blog and I'm very satisfied if you find an interesting content.

      Thank you


  2. I use UUNP - 7B UNP in bodyslide, I agree it is definitely the best shape for the look we both seem to prefer.

    As for the skin, I used All In One HDT from LL to create my base mesh, and I use Player Succubus Quest to have a unique mesh for my character. For the PSQ transformation I use the whorecraft UNP body.

    I use all custom textures, I included a couple samples below (side note: I noticed while taking these the lighter "tan lines" on the face were way too intense and I faded them on my head DDS to make the effect much more subtle... I like the chest and abs to be much lighter than the rest of the body though so the body DDS was untouched):




    Succubus transformation:


    It's a work in progress... I am constantly tweaking the body texture files and they have come a long way since I started... Still have a long way to go before I am happy with them though, lol.

    As for armor I use a lot of different mods. My default is Brokefoot's UNP Mashup mixed with Amazing World of Bikini Armor, but I use all sort of different mods - mostly ones I find here on your site, lol. I use armor break mods so whatever gear she has usually changes often. I am actually trying to figure out an easy way to put the armor mod gear pieces I like most randomly into the chests found at the end of dungeons... That will make for some good rewards, I hate to use AddItem mod, feels cheap, lol.

    BTW I fixed the Wicca... works great with no shine now (I just had to add an alpha layer to the _n DDS files and make it super dark - almost completely black). I am going to make a custom texture though for the leggings so they match my usual gearsets. I think the leggings from that mod and from the Black Dragon (I agree on the texture - I will probably make a custom texture for those leggings as well - those will be the only 2 pieces I use from both of those mods, the leggings) mod will be ones I put into my level lists for chests.

    Thanks for the reply! I have visited here often for at least a year or two so I'll try to leave comments more often :)

    1. Oops, copied wrong imgur link for succubus, here it is: https://i.imgur.com/kcj63SP.png

    2. Thank you for your images. I read that you make a lot of modifications by yourself. It's a good reflex to create your own world :) Well, I believe that's the reason why Oldrim is still played and appreciated.

      I'm glad you find an interest in the blog.



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