Part 5: Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP
- Part 5 -
Tera Sleek Chainmail 

Tera Solace (HDT-PE)

Tera Shadowsong Cuirass

Tera Mystel

Tera Pertinacious

Lady Horus Tera Armor UUNP by Lady Horus (all included)


  1. i wish the chain mail texture was nicer on that first outfit. I like the shape of it.. but that chain mail looks soo flat :(

    1. I agreeWnise.
      Textures may be a bit low sometimes. Not noticeable on tissues, but we can see that on all metal parts like a chain mail.
      The metal is not shiny and without relief.
      I sent a message to Lady Horus to know where textures come from. Are they extracted from the original game (probably) or are they hand made?
      I'm waiting her answer.

      This article is probably the penultimate of this Tera Pack.

      Thanks Wnise


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