Lilikh Outfit UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


Today an armor that was released some weeks ago. A mod by Melodic, available on a Patreon account. It is free to download and public.

This mod has already been showcased by several websites and peoples. However, I hope that you will see new particularities in my presentation.
And the mod has special details....

My first discovery was the amazing textures. The mod uses stunning textures and they are real, full 4K. I like that. A complete 4096*4096 for all the equipement and for each textures (diffuse and normal maps). You really have the finest result on your monitor. Textures have relief and we can feel the material (metal and tissu). Really good. For peoples who desire to gain performance, 2K textures are also available. A good reflex as usual.

You know that I always check the reflection too. Well, I'm not disappointed. Reflections are just superb and they really improve the sensation.

For beginners, the reflection is available in your ENBGUI. The ENBGUI is the control panel of your ENB. You can use it to modify, to tweak, to increase or decrease the quality of your ENB. This tool is also required for screenarchery (dof, weather system, etc...)You can open your ENBGUI with the command "shift+enter" in game. Some ENBs may have a different command (ex: Ctrl+ enter). Just read the presentation page of your favorite ENB.
In my case, and for showcases, I activate it...interiors and exteriors. I recommend very high setting to avoid a massive pixelation. Here are an example in my ENBGUI.
ENBGUI - reflection activated -
  • Quality: very high
  • Filter quality: high
  • Exterior Enable: green mark
  • Interior Enable: green mark

These are maximum settings to obtain good results. The result is very good on armors or metallic objects. Well, all objects which can reflect something😋
For the gameplay, I recommend to desactivate the exterior reflection to gain performances.
I also recommend to desactivate the reflection if your create nude sets. The reflection has pretty bad results on skins.
Well, now you know everything about reflection. Use it only when necessary.

Back to the mod.
So, we have great textures and i enjoyed a lot the reflection.
And the bodyslide?'s very good too. A real glove, and perfect on the chest too. For UUNP users, you just have to uncheck the CBBE conversion in the bodyslide batch build. Simple and efficient.
Again, the mod provides seperate parts. You can see that in my article. You can use it with all pieces. But you can also use less armored parts and use only the mini skirt. It's very cute.
I like to use only the armored pieces too. Well, you have choice. It's definitly a good mod to mix with other mods.
The optional "Claws" give you a savage touch.  You'll have +200 barehand damage 😆
Personaly, I prefer to use normal gloves to fit to the mage build or to the Battlemage build like Lorelei.
Just my own view.
You have the choice. It's the most important.

If you watch meshes in Nifskope, they are very well done and clean. A sign of quality. Even my UNPetite conversion was good.

So, we have a quality armor and a really clean UUNP bodyslide. The armor itself is to your taste or not. Melodic improved his productions, no doubt about that! Some of his old creations wasn't so polished.....but this one is.

My final opinion and my global feeling is definitly positive. The outfit doesn't have any negative points. We could have wait a HDT-PE effect on the tail part, but the actual one is really nice looking as it is.

It's polished, my friend.....highly polished!

Global Score

Lilikh Outfit UUNP by Melodic (4K All in one) Patreon

or the direct link

2K optional textures


Leave it to chance!