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Today, on Skyrim Scandal, we discover the "famous" Lady Revenant, and it is, of course, UUNP compatible.
Origins of the Lady Revenant come from Krista's private website The outfit was created for the Demonica body. Usually, all assets from the Demonica concept are high-quality. They are also not free.

So, this conversion is interesting to see if the UUNP version is able to reach the quality of the original version.
Also, keep in mind that the original is made for one unique body.
The UUNP conversion is made for dozens bodies.
An important data in my opinion.

One thing can't change: Textures
Indeed, textures are like the original. The are 2K for the most important parts, and 1K for the less important.
Black and grey textures have a great result on screen. 2K textures give a crispy result and I like that.
Black outfit are always a bit hard to showcase. ENB effects, climates and several datas can turn the experience into a nightmare.
Well, the result is nice. Normal maps help to improve textures and bring relief.

The UUNP conversion is good quality in my opinion.
As you can see, all parts are seperate. Mix and match. 
Only sleeves may have a tendency to clip a little bit. Sleeves are not the easiest mesh to bodyslide.

Several shapes are available for the torso: a corset, bra and a light cuirass.
The mod contains 2 superb pieces:  the small jacket and a wonderful necklace. These 2 elements deserve to download the mod. It's really and extremely elegant....and meshes are just great.
The trouser is really "shape friendly"😊 know what I mean...

Finally we have a choice between boots and high heels. Suits perfectly to the whole mod.

Well, a real great mod and an honorable UUNP conversion. The original is respected but you'll not have the perfection of the Demonica shape.
This mod has been also retextured by C5Kev but this deserves another article.
I wanted to highlight the original concept in this post.

On a end note, I would like to notice that you may have a bug texture on hands (with sleeves equipped)...randomly. I don't know why.... I had this bug only one time.

Well, I recommend the mod and the conversion of course. Use parts you like.
The mod is also a good evidence that Elegance doesn't necessarily means "robe" or "dress".
Some websites strongly believe that...
The Elegance is not an outfit, the Elegance is an attitude.
It's the thought of the day 😉

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Lady revenant UUNP (full standalone)


  1. WoodsDwellerNovember 09, 2018

    It's all a matter of taste, of course, but this outfit is tasty indeed.
    How ever does she get those pants on?

    1. Yes , it's tasty :) The UNPetite body is not so flat :)
      this trouser will highlight shapes of your character whatever the bodyshape.

      She has thin's easier to pull on :)
      But this will be a bit more difficult to take off.

      The following to her next article..

      Thanks WoodsDweller

  2. I'm getting a loading error when Skyrim starts saying 'high heels sound not found'. This is odd as I have a 'High Heels sound' mod in my load order (and I use LOOT for order decisions). Any ideas on what else to try?
    I have used the C5Kev version instead but this is not so nice, and has issues with missing legs, etc.

    1. Hi,

      Be sure to download the Heels sound 1.5 for Oldrim.

      You have another heels sound but for Skyrim special edition. So, select the right version :)

      Heels sound is an ESM and goes naturaly to the top of your load order. In my load order , Hells sound is my last esm and it works perfectly.
      Also, check that you have the heelsound.esm in your load order.

      The lady revenant doesn't require anything else.

  3. Thanks Marmotte, I'll try that!

  4. Fantasy OneJune 11, 2019

    Just want to let you know that the link is broken, is there any alternative link if possible? but if you couldn't due to your own reason, I can understand tho, still...these are gorgeous shots! (my favorite is the last one)

  5. the link is dead, can you please help


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