DM Bless MS0005 UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

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White Version

Blue Version

Black Version

I already know this armor😊
Indeed, this model is already available in a pack.
Your humble servitor have already showcased this pack:

Bless Online Armors Pack UUNP
Feel free to admire this pack.

For this reason, I have already an experience and a feedback about this armor.
I'll not make a comparison. I never do comparisions.
Modders have different influences, objectives, skills. This mod is one armor, the Bless link above is a pack.
In every cases, with both articles, you can have your own opinion. I wrote a commentary about the Bless Online armor Pack. The mod had a 10 out of 10 (content, bodyslide, mega reflection, choice, spirit).

However, you must read this new commentary written with my little fingers😀
This mod is of course NOT the same spirit as the Bless Online Armor Pack. Yes, It's different.

TeamTal added several colors (main and cubemaps) to create variations. It's very welcome.
This new red color is superb. It's not a vivid red, it's more like a ruby. Really nice.
The black version is also nice. It's really dark. It's a bit complicated to obtain a good result with an ENB and all shadows activated like mine: SSAO, indirect lighting, ambient occlusion and adaptation.
Black textures will have more relief without some of these effects.
But for me, these effects are a requirement in an I never remove them.
The blue version is more a dark metallic blue. interesting results especialy in exteriors. A bit dark in interiors.
The white version is more grey than white. May vary according to your ENB again.

You can also select various cubemaps to change a bit the mirror effect.

In all cases, all these colors are welcome. The strong point is that the "metal sensation" is here. But it's important to keep in mind that Oldrim is an old game and it's always a challenge to obtain the metal effect of 2018 games.

Meshes are pretty good and the rear skirt is HDT-PE. TeamTal likes am I 😎

The new bodyslide by Nagothm is very well done.
All is correctly unified. The added value are separate pieces (belt and shoulders). You can remove them is you want (see images).
To do that, in the batch build, do not select the full versions, and use the new esp. Easy.
I like this option, the armor changes a's just less massive.
I like both versions and my character Lorelei is adapted to wear this sort of armor. For her, definitly.

So, a very nice mod with a new interpretation. I only have one frustration. The armor is not reflection friendly. I believe that reflection improves all metals (only if the reflection is very high quality in the ENB GUI) reflection on this armor😑

Despite that, the mod is nice if you like heavy and massive armors. It's very highly stylish and you feel very confident with an armor like that.
In my case, I already have the Bless Online Armor Pack in my load order, so this new one is a bit a repetition to me but I appreciated the showcase and it was interesting to discover new textures and cubemaps.

Heavy Metal😆

Global Score

DM Bless MS0005 by TeamTal (Public mod)
or the direct link

 DM Bless MS0005 UUNP conversion by Nagothm (LL)


  1. Yes the lady in the pictures does look so so familiar. I do love her though! <3

    1. Thank you. She is Lorelei, my petite elf. I use her as a battlemage and she is my most powerful character.
      I'm glad you like her and yes....she is famillair on the blog.

      A preset is available on the Nexus

      Thank you for your visit.


  2. This armor is excellent, great pics too. thanks! The HDT cloth in th back works really well.

    Would love to see a post highlighting mods that have short HDT cloth that barely covers the ass and exposes it while moving as it bounces around!

    1. Hey!

      Team Tal does always a nice job with all hdt effects. Some players complain about it, but I personaly find it very correct and enjoyable. Now, this effect is well made in 2018/2019.

      Short HDT clothes are not very frequent currently. I am going to do some researches to see if I can find that. I like them as well.

      I hope to find ;)


    2. That's great, thanks! I've been looking for something for a long while but like you said they are not frequently found. Ideally I hope to find an HDT version of Brokefoot's Dandelion Skirt, but I'm comfident it doesn't exist, lol.

      It would be nice to find something that fits with other types of armor well and is just the skirt / waistcoat. Something that fits in Skyrim better than like some silly schoolgirl outfit or a cocktail dress, lol.

      Happy hunting, if I find something I will share here. Keep the great posts coming!


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