Desert Robes UUNP (Domino) 4K


I always like unconventional works. And I believe that this one is.
We don't find frequently desert robes πŸ˜„
It also can be considered "Lore friendly" if we use a Redguard theme.
For this reason, I used Domino in the mod "The gray cowl of Nocturnal".
In my humble opinion, It makes sense.
On a side note, I'm very intrigued to see how Bethesda will turn the Redguard Theme is the next the Elder Scrolls 6.
Well, of course if the game takes place in Hammerfell.........and if Bethesda doesn't lose his community before 😊

Well, for now, we have a lot of Skyrim mods to enjoy the Redguard Theme.

This outfit is pretty simple. A hood and a main robe. For males and females. The female version is bodyslided.
For this article, I used my own shoes.
The mod provides several textures in a seperate folder. In this folder you'll find a sample of all available colors.
Here they are:

The image shows 12 color variations. In my case, I found 14 colors. You can see some forgotten colors in my article ( the striped one for example).
These colors are nicely chosen and they fit perfectly to the dryasdust lands. You need to rename them and to manualy place them in the correct textures folder. So, it's a bit long to test them all (what I haven't done).
Textures have the correct tint and they match to the game, however they are a bit too low. It's a 1K (1024*1024) but they are unfortunatly very pixelated and blurry. A good 2K could have been the correct choice, or a high quality 1K.
Well, it's not really precise and I'm a bit disapointed about textures.

The bodyslide works. Yes, it works but it's useless as it is.
Indeed, the bodyslide creates meshes with an incorrect name. It's subtil, but if you don't take care, you'll never equip the right meshes.
Here is a image of the meshes folder for you to understand. It's very easy.
Original meshes are "desertrobesf_0" and "desertrobesf_1".
The bodyslide generates "desertrobesF_0" and "desertrobesF_1"
Conclusion: the bodyslide does not overwrite original meshes and you'll always equip original "not bodyslided" meshes.
An easy fix is simply to rename correctly new bodyslided meshes "desertrobesf_0" and "desertrobesf_1" and delete original meshes. Do it.
A small letter can change everything. "F" and "f" are not the same πŸ˜†Yes, only this letter breaks the bodyslide.

So, that's a big mistake in the mod. The mod is still beta but this mistake should have been already corrected.
3 modders worked on this outfit and I'm simply surprised that nobody noticed that. I also don't see any feedbacks on the Tumblr page.
So, you have my feedback. Just change names and all will be goodπŸ‘ It just works!

The bodyslide itself is correct and all weights and body presets are available. There are no clippings, because there is "no body" under the robe. If you prefer to have a body under this robe, feel free to add it in the bodyslide studio.

The mod has been uploaded 2 month ago. It's a beta mod and I take note of that. So, we can consider it as a WIP maybe.

So, we can wait a working bodyslide and maybe a body under the robe. I think that all colors should be available directly in game to make it easier.
An improvement of textures could also improve a lot the ensemble.

Well, I personaly like a lot the spirit and the unconventional I said in the begining. It's different, and refreshing. I give points for that.
In corresponding worlds (like The gray Cowl of Nocturnal, Rudra and more), the outfit is just perfectly integrated and you can really enjoy the feel.
Perfect for players who create roleplay.

But the mod needs to be polished and definitly corrected.

Curved swords!!


Desert Robes UUNP on Skyrim Stuff (tumblr) all included

or the direct link


  1. beautiful outfit but it gives me warmth just thinking about using it in the Skyrim desert's, will there be a more skimpy version?

    1. Lol, well, no there is no skimpy version. For something skimpier, you must choose another outfit.
      However, with time, you can edit the outfit to create something "shorter" :)
      But well, it's another story.

      Thank for your visit Skygamer.


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