XN Mandarin UUNP (Domino) 4K


Hello dear visitors,

Today, a special outfit for your personal UUNP wardrobe. I don't really know if this is a lingerie or a casual outfit.
So, let's put it in the lingerie category!  If you think that this is not a lingerie, your point of view is welcome, of course.

I'm writting a commentary mainly to explain some issues i met.
The file is fully downloadable on XuNianA's patreon page. It's a public mod. Everybody can download it, try it, use it, etc...

The bodyslide works correctly and it builds the two main weights.
Unfortunatly, in game, whatever your character, you always equip the Weight 1 .......even if your character is weight 0.

So, if your character is weight 1, the bodyslide will be good for you.
If, like me, your character is weight 0, you obtain, as always, a superb neck/ankle/wrist seams. Indeed , your character does not have the right body....the correct weight.
For "Weight 0 users", you can easily resolve this problem by renaming meshes. Once your outfit is bodyslided, just delete the "Mandarin_1.nif" in data/meshes/_xn/mandarin. Make a copy of your Mandarin_0 and rename it Mandarin_1.
In game, you'll equip the Mandarin_1.nif  .....which is in reality the Mandarin_0.nif.
The result is clean.
There is probably a better solution by editing the esp or something else but i'm not a modder, and i'm not here to correct issues.

So, a weight problem......and you have another issue too.
Clipping! Indeed, the Mandarin outfit clips a lot, mainly below the breasts. They are important.
I admit, I cleaned it a little bit in the bodyslide studio to make this article possible.
I tried 3 bodyshapes: UNPetite, UNP, UNPB. All bodies clip with all weights.

So, you are warned. You'll probably need to use the Bodyslide Studio to achieve a decent result.

That's all! 😊
On a side note, if you use the bodyslide Studio, you'll see that meshes are a bit messy.
This explains the low quality of UVmaps.

So, I'm a bit disapointed by the mod of course. Few content and some additional time for me to achieve a decent result.
Some accessories could have been welcome to improve the mod in my opinion. Better UVmaps too.
Yet, my deception is bigger because I really liked the mix between this outfit and Domino's black skin.

You probably know that i'm always asking a bit more from Patreon accounts but in this case, the global quality is very low unfortunatly.
I also notice that nobody give a feedback on the Patreon page.
The answer is that i'm probably the only one on earth (and maybe of the solar system) who use the weight 0😉.

This could have been a nice moment, but the pleasure has been diminished by all these little issues.
Indeed, when i focus on problems, it's more difficult to find qualities and added value.


XN Mandarin UUNP by XuNianA (Patreon)

or the direct link


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