Unclaimed Delivery UUNP (Idye) 4K


First, I needed to translate the name of this outfit 😄 I wasn't sure about what could mean "Unclaimed Delivery". So, I searched and now it's clearer. It's something you don't demand; probably a ware that you have forgotten, a delivery that you don't claim 😁
Writting a blog is useful to increase your vocabulary.

So, I never claim this outfit but I have it today. So, we can say that the merchandise has been delivered and properly.

The outfit is perfectly lore-friendly. That's difficult to do more lore friendly, especially for a female outfit.
A vest/corset for the torso and a nice trouser for legs. Nice boots and bracers too.
All is delivered in a very good 2K and 1K for the most visible parts. Some parts are less that 1K but they are so small that you don't really see the imperfection. A good reflex.
Only the hood could have a slightly better resolution...

The strong point of this outfit is all accessories:
- a belt
- another belt with lot of accessories (key, rope,...)
- a satchel
- a waterskin
- a full covered hood
- a hood for the neck
- a dagger on the left leg (visual)
- you also have a reall dagger (weapon) with the mod. I totally forgot to shot it.

All these parts are very welcome to increase your experience in game. You can be an adventurer, a thief......well, what you want!

I have another good new for you.
The UUNP conversion is very well done. Now, I have this habit with Siegmeyer. He did the full job. All the content is unified now. There are no missing parts.
Clippings are rare and sliders do the job.

Well, I'm fully satisfied. We have the lore, accessories, nice textures and a good bodyslide.

I accept the delivery 😁. Who could not claim this mod? I don't know

Ready for the adventure!!!


Unclaimed Delivery original by Skyrimfordawin (not required)

Unclaimed Delivery UUNP conversion by Siegmeyer (LL)

or the direct link
or here


Leave it to chance!