Tera Succubus UUNP

So uhhh...what can I write here?

I'm showing you another super sexy armor from Tera today. 10/10 mesh and texture quality, no complaints and flawless UUNP conversion, veri gud. Go get it.

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Tera Succubus CBBE by Veraly 

Tera Succubus UUNP by Kokoro


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  2. looks great! I'll be sure to try it.

  3. Great shoot. Tara armors have aways been fun to play with.

  4. the stockings dont build in bodyslide to match my body.. and i cannot wear the corset+panties at same time.. any fix?

    1. Did you install both the original mod and the UUNP correctly?
      I don't remember encountering issues with either of them. I could probably help you if I knew where your problems come from.

  5. It seems that the autor has separated the stockings and the garters, so the conversion doesn't work anymore (because there is only a slider for garter with stockings). Can someone comfirm what I'm saying ?
    Btw, great job !


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