Peacekeeper Armor UUNP 4K

 Original Version

UUNP bodyslide (UNP standard)

Retex by KJ1222b

Well, exceptionally, i'm going to start to speak about the major problem of this armor.
Why? well, that's simple, this "problem" is the first thing I saw when I equipped the armor....and once you see it, you can't forget it😮 . It's now graved in my mind. Lol.

I doubt you can see this issue on a low resolution monitor because it's a bit subtle😊

"So, what is the problem???? Marmotte, you are teasing!!!"

The issue is the cubemap of the main texture. If you watch carefuly on my images, you can clearly see the cubemap.
For you, I extracted the cubemap:
Looks nice , isn't it? This is the reflection you can see on the main armor.
Well, it's a shiny day and a nice place in an unknow city. This place is surely friendly. I'm sure you can find bars to drink a coffee or a fresh beer...or whatever you want.
I'm pretty sure that you can find delicious restaurants too. I feel it seafood or pizza😄

Well, that's funny and this make me laught a lot. But this cubemap totally breaks this superb lorefriendly armor. So, I would recommend to simply change the cubemap of this armor and to find something more....immersive.
For the showcase, I always keep original assets to show what you've got.

Despite this issue, the armor is of course very well done. I like a lot. The type of armor I would like to see more on the Nexus. The original version is compatible all bodies.
I used, of course, the high resolution textures to obtain the best result. I activated the reflection interior and exterior (high and very high). The armor is made of metal, so the reflection makes sense.....a lot.
The most impressive part is the sword. It's really wonderful and the result is a delight for the eyes. Very very well done.

For the whole armor, high resolution textures are superb. They are not full 4K. They are 4096*2048 and this is the reason why textures may be slightly blurry sometime. Only on a 2016p monitor of course, not on a 1080p monitor.
But i'm not complaining!!! I appreciate this work. A lot!

3 textures are available.
- the standard (with the city cubemap...)
- the royal texture (my favorite)
- a retex by KJ12222b on a seperate page (a nice alternative)

About the UUNP bodyslide:

About an UUNP conversion, somebody on the Nexus writes exactly: Why was it necessary to sexualize a refreshingly nonsexualized armor?
I'm fully agree with this comment. Is it really necessary? The original version is a unique concept.
You can also see that this original is very flat on the chest. It's also very difficult to distinguish any signs of gender.
However, and it's my opinion, the armor is clearly female. The global shape is definitly not build around a nord male body 😉

With all these datas, i thought that the bodyslide was useless and " out of the concept". I was wrong. The bodyslide makes sense.

Mainly on 2 parts: Shoulders are better (larger) and the waist has a really better shape too.
For this article, I simply use the UUNP UNP bodyslide. I bodyslided the armor around the most basic body ever. The original UNP. 
All sliders can be edited of course. So, you can keep the main UNP shape and reduce the chest if you like the original flat armor. It's up to you.....and this is the force and the advantage  of the bodyslide.
For the article, I used Siegmeyer's bodyslide on loverslab. It's complete: armor + gauntlets + boots.
The nexus version doesn't bodyslide gauntlets and boots. However, I write the link if you wanna try.


A very interesting armor with a high personality and really good textures.
I appreciate the originality and the precise work.
A lot of options with several textures and a correct bodyslide.

The main negative point is the "famous" cubemap"😉 but it can be changed. I also notice that the armor is sometime very dark and hasn't always the best result with the skylight.
A good mod. Whatever the version you use, you'll obtain a very good result. I recommend.

Time to drink a hot coffee....but without cubemap, please!


Peacekeeper Armor original by Billyro and Artsick 

Peacekeeper Armor retex by kj1222b

Peacekeeper Armor UUNP conversion by Siegmeyer (LL)

or the direct link
or here

Peacekeeper Armor UUNP conversion by Urbon (nexus)


  1. Why do people think breasts on chest plates = sexualized? It hardly does that. I think you have to be pretty weird or really sexually frustrated to find breats on armor sexual in any way. Hell Skyrim does that with some of it's armor. Why? To show difference between male and female armor. I just think it looks ridiculous at best. However without the breats it would look weird for people using a very large body type.

    1. It's a debate, dear Crazyludicolo.
      I write about that just because I understand both opinions.
      Those who think the armor doesn't need a bodyslide and those who want a bodyslide.
      Both versions are good and players can choose the version they want.

      The thing is, in medieval imagery of women in armor, their armors were closely associated with masculinity. Some players like to respect this tradition.
      Is it due to a frustration? I don't know.

      However, technically, the bodyslide is really good to improve the general shape (waist and shoulders).
      As you probably know, the original flat chest is not a problem to me....according to my personal tastes :)

      I'm glad to have your opinion and your reaction. That's what I wanted.



    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I wish I could do this on the Nexus. But debating on a mod authors page seems weird and to me against what the comment section is intended for which is constructive criticism, bug report, and requests, etc.
      I also don't mind the flat chest and can tolerate armor plates that has breasts. To clarify my problem is that he said it was breasts on armor plates are sexual. It makes me wonder if that person thinks breasts are sexual no matter the context.
      Thanks for that chat.

    4. Thanks for the chat Crazy :)

      If you want a clear answer about this "sexualization", i would recommend you to ask directly to that person on the Nexus. You can use the private message to chat with him for a free conversation.

  2. Who is under this Armor?
    Ok, it isn’t Kissmiax or Domino, because of the fair skin.
    it’s isn’t Idye too, I never saw her use Magic and the contend is to serous.
    So we have left Diana and Lorelei, I don’t know if Lorelei use magic.
    But Diana is actually to sexy for this Armor.

    So my suggestion is Lorelei ;-)

    PS. I know you have more characters, but this are your main ones.

    1. Excellent answer. You are a true detective!!! It's incredible :)
      Only Lorelei uses magic and sword at the same time, and this the right answer.

      About Idye, you're right. Her magic skill is 0.

      However, I wanted this article "anomynous". It was my feeling when I did the article.
      This armor brings mystery and that's what I like.

      Congratualtion again . The blog doesn't give medal but you surely deserve one for your knowledge and your interest for the blog.

  3. Glad you featured this armor, Marmotte-- I wanted to get a good look at it!

    As always no disappointment.

    1. Thanks Syl.
      Yes, it's a great unique armor. Expect the cubemap, the result in game is really goo, whatever the version you use.

      On my side, I'm waiting your next Viconia de Vir article.

      see you


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