C5Kev's GFB Lightning Halloween Vampire UUNP (Diana) 4K


Several week ago, I found a UUNP dress. You can watch the page where I saw it HERE
I was interested to do a showcase. I thought that this dress could be welcome on the blog.

The bodyslide is correct and the global result was decent in game.
However, textures was so low and so ugly that it was simply impossible to showcase this dress 😨
Yes, It may happen sometimes.
You probably understand that the contrast between a 2K or 4K body texture and a very low resolution outfit may be hard to watch for me and for you. You know that I apply a small selection on the blog.
Whatever the outfit, too low textures kill the mod. Definitly.

But this dress has a potential......well, for me 😄 
The dress has a spirit, a special shape.
The "elegance potential" is here.......but it's well hidden!

So, on Loverslab, I asked to my friend C5Kev if he was able to do something....to resolve this textures problem. Well, we are speaking about a retexture.
He worked hard on the dress and it was not easy. He will probably explain his "modding adventures" on his download page. Several tries was necessary to reach the good result.
I just gave him a new global style for the dress ....and he did it!

I thank him for this improvement. The dress is finaly "showcasable". Nice.

A new main 2K texture for the dress and a lace appereance. The dress is now transparent. He has also added a new panty and he recolored accessories.
Well, a pretty nice final result.
Interesting parts are high heels with a very feminine red nail polish and of course the main dress with new red touches. These red addon also increases the vampire theme. This dress comes in two version: Long and short. Make you choice. I really like both. Each dress has its own style finally.

The bodyslide should be good for all bodyshapes. I use of course the UNpetite preset and C5Kev tried it with a much generous bodyshape. Results are always better with big boobs and a larger waist. Of course, the Unpetite body is an extreme preset....😑

You'll find a finger jewel and a waist chain too.
 The mod also contains a new haircut with a crown. I don't showcase it because it does not fit at all to Diana. But you can use it. Watch original pages to see this haircut.

Well, an elegant final result and a real improvement on textures. I do not ask anything more.
Thank you C5kev for this work and for all your funny jokes.
The original modder is on 9Damao. My chinese language is limited💬...sorry, so I'm unable to find a name to credit.
The original mod with basic textures is available on the website KP4068 (seperate files) if you wanna try.
The full UUNP mod and new textures are available easily on C5Kev's LL page.

A long wayyyyyy....

Global Score

+1 point for C5kev's jokes
Final Global Score

GFB Lightning Halloween Vampire original on 9Damao (not required)

GFB Lightning Halloween Vampire original textures + UUNP ) on KP4068 (not required)

C5Kev's GFB Lightning Halloween Vampire UUNP by C5Kev (all included)


  1. Oh man, another email listing Diana (stops everything and looks her over)!

    Bad Wolf Score for Dress 8.5/10

    Bad Wolf Score for Diana in ( and out of) Dress 11/10

    1. Lol, not my fault. I choose the character according to the outfit.
      Well, I see that Diana has a huge fan :) thanks for her

      Generally, all elegant and sorceress outfits are for her. Lingerie too.
      You'll rarely see her in a heavy armor.

      Thanks again to stop everything to watch Diana's article.
      However, the plot is the outfit.... :)

    2. True, the plot is the outfit. But the entire story is Diana. Yes, huge fan, If only I could find the perfect female voice to make Diana into the perfect follower, I would do it.

  2. 原址下载链接没有了。很可惜!The original download link has disappeared. It is a pity!

    1. 嗨,你不需要第一個鏈接。 使用第二個用於原始或第三個用於此處展示的一個。

    2. 就是Loverslab网址不可用了 。还有9DM作者名字是 国防安全部 。 对就是这个 。哈哈 感谢你的回复。


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