BD Leather Robe UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

BD Leather Robe base by Fizz (required)

or the direct link
or Googledrive

BD Leather Robe UUNP conversion by Anaphiel (Flickr)

or the direct link

Or Alternative UUNP version by Diablio
direct link


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    1. Nice,
      the mantle is great. It can be mix with trousers or skirt.
      Can be used for mash-up.

      Thanks Wnise

  2. this one of my favorites too glad to see there's a uunp conversion

    1. Thank you Tao.

      I added the Diablio UUNP conversion as well. Now you have 2 choices.
      Glad to see you here

  3. Alternative versio made by Diablio

    1. Correct!
      You are a true UUNP dictionnary. Thank you.
      Now, visitors have choice. It's better.

      This help is appreciated

    2. Prologue: walltext incoming, but please someone read at least the P.S. at the bottom. Sorry but when I write sometimes I get carried away

      Chère Marmotte, c'est moi que je dois te remercier.

      -little off topic-
      You share your knowledge, your time, your passion, your kindness with commitment, devotion and perseverance, a piece of your self. True or fake? It does not matter. Sharing it is important. Because time together, for better or for worse, long or short, is always good.

      *put a virtual hug here, maybe also a pat on the head*

      We are like travelers in a rpg, if we can do a little 'way together we will feel less fatigue, the night outdoors will make us less afraid, and the brigands will be easier to deal with. At the sole cost of sharing the treasures we will find. But the real treasure we will always have with us, the time we spend with our fellow adventurers, the affection of those who walk with us and the memory of those who took another path
      -off topic end-

      I wandered through Morrowind and crossed the realms of Oblivion. While I wait to walk in the land of Skyirm (fortunately I have time before tes: VI) I collect armor and clothing (and mod) for when, one day, I will install it and play with it. In the meantime, I share what I found and which I treasure. And despite this, many mods I've lost and many mod will lose, but what I can I keep it tight. What I share with others they will treasure in my place.

      * the post has become very philosophical *

      So wanderer, keep walking and sharing til the end of the road !

      * I can't resist to the melodramatic ending :3*

      I wrote once in a PM on LL about my reuploading of UUNP HDT conversion sets by darknsky:
      ":3 It would be a waste to lose a modder's hard work and depriving forum users of the possibility of using it. Community is sharing, and the sharing must keep going. I think that preserving someone's work is a form of respect for the author, and for the users. After all, sharing is caring. Spread the love. <3"

      P.S. = does anyone know how to download from baidu? Jdownloader2 no longer works ç_ç

    3. Hi O_O,

      About Baidu,
      To download on Baidu, you simply must register.
      I don't know details of the registration. Use a translator.
      If you register, i'm interested by your feedback ( quality conversion, originality, useful, etc...)

      Thank you for your philosophical text. I appreciate a lot.
      yes, it's a perseverance and a devotion. Work and time too. It's not an easy job. I'm glad that you see my effort.
      I discovered that a private blog is very interesting to run and to improved. That's what I like too.

      Thank you O_O.


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