Trivene UUNP (Diana) 4K


Today, we are trying Nini's stuff. One of the last creation.

First, we must admit that this outfit is very......reddish. This color can be risky to use. I have already tried several "reddish" outfits and the result is sometimes...missed.

In this case, the result is superb. Especially on the main dress. It's a 2K texture and the normal map too.
We have a lot of relief and details. My 4K images allow you to see these details. I haven't seen those details on other screenshots. 
Shoes (1K) and nails (<1K) have a decent result too.
In first shots of the article, I activated the reflection. The mod reacts a lot to reflection and the result is particulary enjoyable. I like. However, in interior, I limit the use of the reflection because body textures have always an ugly result with it.
A hood is available but I did not find a solution to showcase it. The hood is too small for every haircuts and I haven't found a compatible match with Diana. Too bad.
A bit disappointed with all the "fluffy" effect (bra and belt). I know that's a difficult effect to create. Maybe another effect could has been welcome. A "fur" effect for example.

The bodyslide is perfect. The UNPetite body is respected. Clippins are rare. Whatever the pose, the dress suits perfectly to Diana.
Well, we can feel the reddish passion and the femininity. Perfect for her 😻

In the UUNP bodyslide, a slutty sexy version is available. It's just the same outfit with meshes of the main dress removed. A bit useless for me but maybe useful for some of you.

We have here a cute conversion. I had pleasure to try it.

The mod is behind a paywall....but internet is huge.
So, you can of course visit Nini's Patreon if you wish to support paid mods.
For peoples who wish to try before buying, or just try this stuff, a free link is available too.

So, a very nice conversion. However, it misses a lot of added value in my opinion. Maybe an HDT-PE effect on the fluffly belt, a hood with integrated haircut or various sizes and several colors variation. 4K textures could be a nice addon too.
The "slutty" version is a poor added value and doesn't worth.

A reddish experience.

Global score

Trivene UUNP free link by Nini

full normal version  

full normal + sexy version


  1. That Dragon is just like..."HI!"

    1. lol, yes.
      or "Greetings!!!"

    2. he's saying "i love your outfit"

    3. yeah. He probably wants the same outfit :)

  2. Where are the vagina textures for this kind of outfits? I always get Blue down there using the Remesh Technique

    1. you need a compatible skin to match with this bodytype. Almost all skins do that i believe.
      Or maybe you can try this mod to match to the outfit


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