Lady Jewel Bikini UUNP by Krista

Global warming is real and it's a good thing (only in this case, sadly)! - bikinis are getting skimpier.

Today's outfit, Lady Jewel Bikini by Krista, comes with quite a few issues if you plan to use UUNP instead of CBBE. But luckily these are all relatively easily solveable.

1. The UUNP conversions for whatever reason are put into the wrong folder. To fix this, I've edited the .esp of the mod. Simply copy and paste it in your Data folder after the original and overwrite.

2. There are no Accessory and Jewelry conversions for UUNP. This means that you have to edit each one of them on your own to fix the clipping, but this only requires some basic knowledge.
First, locate the folder in which the jewelry meshes are in (Data/meshes/Lady/LHJewelv2/) and copy the ones you desire to an easily accessible folder. Copy your body meshes (femalebody_0/_1) from Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/ into the folder too.
Then, import the jewelry in outfitstudio and load up the body you use (_0/_1 for the corresponding weighting) as reference. Now you can simply highlight the shapes/parts on the right side and rightclick "Move Shape". Move until it's no longer clipping the body you use and export again. Paste your exports into the folder the Jewelry originates from and done!

What you get is an excellent looking mix of Jewelry and Bikini.

The other mod I wanted to showcase here is Bikini tan lines for SlaveTats, which adds some sexy tan lines (pale boobs ftw) via SlaveTats.

Poses from GomaPeroPoses 11+12, taken in Goma Pero Land V4.

For more highly NSFWness in part 2 of this album, follow my Tumblr.

Lady Jewel Bikini Base CBBE by Krista

Lady Jewel Bikini UUNP

Lady Jewel Bikini .esp fix

Bikini tan lines for SlaveTats

GomaPeroPoses 11+12

Goma Pero Land V4


  1. Well, that is a lot of work to get to a good place in the end. She does have a lovely body shape, doesn't she?

    Am I seeing some elements from RWoS in her face? It is mostly FSC, right? And I like how the spec map is shiny in some places and subtle in others.

  2. Thanks, but the skin texture is an older version of mature skin.

  3. Looks great on her :3

  4. The loverslab link for the CBBE version is dead it seems :(

    1. Hi, le link is updated. It should be good now.


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