Video : Lorelei Renewal 1440p@100fps

Video Showcase

Lorelei Renewal preset for ECE and Racemenu
recorded at 1440p@100fps


A cute video today. Mainly to present you the update of my preset "Lorelei".
It's available for ECE and Racemenu here
The original preset was created by me on ECE. I polished it with the Vertex Edit of ECE.
The Racemenu conversion has been done by my friend Asherz2ashes. Thank you for your patience.

I recorded the video at 1440p for a better result.
Of course, as usual , the music is always an important part of my videos.

Hope you like.
Thank you



  1. awesome! :D very beautiful

    1. Thanks Wnise. I know I'm a bit outdated with ECE, but I like this tool. Simple, precise and efficient :)
      Glad you like


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