SPECIAL: Idye's Contest - eagle Eye


Today is a great day!!! Yes!!

I promised a contest. Here it is! And with tasty prizes :)

Today, you can participate to Idye's contest. Indeed, Idye decided to organize a contest. A contest based on one of her best capacity. You probably know that Idye is a great archer (probably my best archer). She has a lot of skill 😎

But to be a good archer, you must have perfect eyes, like her. This allows you guess the distance and of course to do the perfect hit.

Will you be able to beat Idye's "eagle eye"?


To participate, you just need to download and to install:

Guess the Distance - Perceptive Scouting (only 1 mb)

A very smal and simple mod that allows you to measure the distance to your target. This mod is fully standalone and will not overwrite anything. It's safe. This file is required to participate to the contest. 
Guess the distance requires SKSE.


You don't need to shot your target. You just need to guess the distance........the longest distance you can estimate.

Here are my settings of the file. Very simple.

Required settings:

  • Dimensional Units : METERS  (I want meters)
  • Distance error modifier : 0%    ( I want a precise number)


Beat Idye's score.
Her best score is 457.2 meters (approx 1499,3438 feet)

To participate, you must of course beat this score.
To win, I think you must blow away this score :) 


When you guess the distance, just do a screenshot to record your score. I don't need the full screen. i just need the Guessed distance. Like me, you can cut your image.

Send me your amazing record!!!!

My Nexus account https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/user/588817-marmotte/ 

or my LL account https://www.loverslab.com/profile/24072-marmotte/

or my Flickr/ Yahoo account tesmarmotte@yahoo.fr  


First prize WINNER

My Rudy ENB NLA for binaries 315
                    Fully tweaked (perfect adaptation in all places, sharp, a new Depth of field ( AF or MF), a very good subsurface scattering, a replacement esp for realistic water 2 to have a better color, precise (I tweak it in 4K, so it's very precise), performant.

Second prize SECOND PLACE

Indigo Armor UUNP


I'm waiting your scores. All sorts of Skyrim can participate: modded, non modded, vanilla. It's very open.....everybody can win. "Guess the Distance" is only for Oldrim.
Idye's best score is easily beatable. To beat it, you must be like her: smart and snoop.......and you must have a little knowledge about Skyrim and its mechanics.

The contest is active for 2 weeks. I'm going to add a thumbnail on the side bar of the blog to keep it viewable and active. I'll stop it the 15 July 2018.
Results will be publish on the blog.

Idye is waiting the best from you! and don't be shy!!

Thank you



  1. Certainly not a contest I could win! Also- I think you meant “July 15” not ‘June 15’

    1. Thanks Wnise. I correct the date :) July 15 of course :)

      Well, I tried to do something very open to all sort of skyrim. We'll see results :)


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