PeroPero Mage Robes Replacer & Standalone UUNP (Diana, Lorelei) 4K

Huge article. Approx 60 images. It may take some time to load the entire page. Thanks for your patience. 


An interesting pack. The bodyslide covers all mage robes of the game.
However, you can choose to use this bodyslide to replace the vanilla robes or you can use the bodyslide to add these robes like a standard standalone pack.

The choice is yours. Mine is the standalone version. With this solution you can diversify the choice in game. That's the advantage.

I divided the pack into two parts.
- the very skimpy stuff showcased with Lorelei
- the skimpy/normal stuff showcased with Diana.

The normal stuff is very well done. Apprentice, journeymage, all college robes and the Mirrak's equipement is very well done. It is usable and fits very well to the game. New shapes are really well done and feminine. I consider these conversions as some of the best you can find for the Academy.
Diana loves them a lot. Her silhouette is superb . You know I like when a bodyslide improves my character.πŸ˜‰

For this article, I used Jerok's UUNP bodyslide. This bodyslide has a big advantage. In the bodyslide you can select which outfits are replacer or standalone. So, you can mix all you want. You can even combine them with other mods to create varied outfit for the Academy. Interesting.

I showcase the skimpy stuff with Lorelei.
You can recognize the monk, the necromancer, the Vaermina, the warlock. These new robes are very very very skimpy. Not easy to wear for my characters. So, yes, it's very revealing and specialy the front of the robe. Depends of your character and of your preference. The same shape is applied on all robes. This shape clips a lot unfortunatly. The reason why I'm not convinced.

I showcase the Thalmor robe with Lorelei. Not the most skimpy but a good new shape. Lorelei is fan of this new shape. The vest fits perfectly to your character and the new shape is very feminine.
It's a bit badass! 

So, an interesting pack with a lot of possibilities (replacer & standalone).
Special mention for the college stuff, the Miraak ensemble, the Arch-mage and the Thalmor robe. Really good content even for those who like the Lore. I recommend.

Ooohh, by the way!!!!!
All outfits use your own textures in know what I mean😎 It's time, of course, to use the amazing RUSTIC CLOTHING  retexture by Gamwich: available in 1K, 2K or 4K.
All color variations are available of course!

For mages, serious mages and sexy mages πŸ˜‡


PeroPero Mage Robes Replacer & Standalone original by Gomaperopero (not required)

PeroPero Mage Robes Replacer & Standalone UUNP

By Jerok (all included replacer & standalone)


By Memesupreme (all included separated replacer or standalone)


  1. Wow! These are some very interesting robes-- I do like the monk robes etc even though I can see where it might be an issue. I like seeing them on a smaller character, too. I agree that the Thalmor robes are very nice. I always use Gamwich. Unfortunately the Thalmor robes are still kind of ... ehh.. bland due to all of that off-black. Still these are very nice.

    I am glad to see it isn't just a replacer. I hate replacers. I hate leveled lists and chests in riverwood and stuff in Belethor's shop... I usually just delete all of that and additemmenu it all in.

    Did you find that the open front robes clipped on larger characters, or was it just overall?

    1. Hi Syl,

      About the thalmor, the result depends of the lighting/weather and of the enb. The texture is dark too. The vanilla is clearer if I remember correctly :)

      Aaahh, you make me smile Syl :) the famous chest in riverwood! That's right , it's a illness sometimes. In the game Oblivion, some places are full of chests :)
      Things are easier with the additemmenu, for sure.
      However, I like leveled list....depends of the outfit.

      I'm afraid that the open front robe clips with all bodies. Specialy on legs, not on the chest.

      Do you have knowledge about modding?

  2. Just a tiny bit, I'm afraid. Enough to remove parts of mods and to merge them. I ended up trimming my clothing mods to the arma and armor entries just because when I tried to merge them, merge plugins complained about all the navmesh and the dialogue and-- so it was easier just to remove all the unnecessary parts. There is probably a mod to put items into the levelled list properly so if I wanted to do it I would probably use just that one. But every time there is a chest there is another worldspace edit and who knows what got changed.

    I do have Common Clothes, Travel Clothes, and Brigandage in game for their levelled lists. If I wanted skimpy armor it would probably be Book of UUNP-- but when I did that I had to run around giving out cloaks and blanket scarves and fur hats. I felt bad.

    1. Well, I see you already have some usefull knowledges to modify the game. Not everybody can do that.
      Personaly, I have not skill in modding. I can modify some little things but nothing important.
      This could be interesting to learn basics but I don't have time for this.
      The blog and playing the game are enough for me + my life.... :)

      You remind me to do an article about the book of UUNP. This will be long....

    2. Not as long as the article I want you to write about subsurface scattering! LOL.

      Since I am just basically taking pictures for the story I don't need distribution of armors, I'll just put it on NPCs as needed.

      I have terrible luck with Bodyslide so that will be the next thing on my list to master. Last time I ran it-- it left mesh files lurking in a schlong mod. Yeah, it's always the last place you look...

    3. OMG thank you for this <3

  3. I just to get back Vanilla robes :( After uninstaling that mod, I still have texture from this mod :(

    1. Hi ,

      this mod doesn't contain textures. The mod uses your own textures in game (vanilla or retexture). If you still have HD textures, it's another mod.


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