LB Lydia Armor UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K


150 Mb!!! Yes, that's the size of the compressed archive of this armor. Approx. 250 Mb for the uncompressed file.
This file have this weight for a good reason. The original armor comes from Krista's work. A great modder specialized in the famous Demonica/ Ladyboy body. A high quality product. I like it a lot even if I don't use it.
These bodies and armors/clothes are generally high poly with ultra fine textures. A professional work, for sure. Very exclusive! For a specific public.

So, the file is big because of high poly meshes of all parts of the armor. Just watch them in Nifskope if you are interested. You'll understand.
Textures are very fine. 2K for almost all the content. Good quality.

So, you imagine a Demonica/ UUNP conversion is not an easy exercice. The conversion must respect the original concept. That's important I believe.
And this UUNP conversion is very well done. The UNP base body is less poly than the DEM body. So the challenge is here.
I'm glad to see this sort of stuff in the UUNP world.

The armor comes in 4 versions. You can watch all of them in my article : Grey ensemble, brown ensemble, chainmail ensemble and a no panty version too.
The chainmail version is very well done and probably the best content of this conversion. Boths skirts are very skimpy and....very short 😋 The no panty version has less interest for me but probably for some of your.

The file is not translated. So, for not russian peoples, you'll have strange symbols in your menu. But the file works very good.

Well, I like. The content, the origin, the conversion and Thanh's choice. The file is well presented with Kokoro and screenshots are good.
I can't ask more!!!..........and it's totally free.

Good equipement and perfect for Kissmiax!


LB Lydia Armor original by Krista (not required)

LB Lydia Armor UUNP conversion by Thanh (standalone)

or the direct link


  1. Kissi is glorious as usual. I love the detailing on her belly and hips.

    Hey, I've got her up right now on my site too.

    1. Thanks Syl,

      Yes, I selected layers after layers to select the good content for her normal maps ( And the mix with her UNPerky body is not so bad. Well, she is just my vision of an orc....with a small touch of attractiveness :)
      And she is my best character to try different body textures (,, The wet touch suits her well too.
      Her body is still WIP :)

      I go to your site .


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