DS Herald UUNP (Idye) 4K


Another UUNP conversion from the game "Dark souls". I like. These armors have always a special and a unique rendering in the game. They have their own style.
Dark souls is really darker and more glommy than Skyrim. But this concept fits well to Skyrim and these conversions are very welcome.

To instal cleanly this armor and the bodyslide, you must create your own compressed file.
  • step 1: download the original pack (Team Tal) and extract in an independant folder
  • step 2: In this pack, copy only the "Herald " content (meshes/DSherald and textures/DSHerald). Copy the cubemaps folder too.
  • step 3: download the UUNP bodyslide with the new esp and extract to the Herald contant (above)
  • step 4: download the first fix and extract to the Herald content above (it's a texture fix)
  • step 5: download the last fix (a bodyslide fix) and extract to the Herald content above
  • step 6 : Create your new compressed file. Content : DS Herald - extended.esp + textures + meshes + CalienteTools
  • step 7: Instal it with your favorite organizer :)
  • step 8: play

Some efforts......yes , but the content worth it.

A sword, a shield, a shield on back with/without sword, an HDT-PE cape, 3 helmets, gauntlet, boots, trouser, panty, skirt and a main armor.
You want more? well, you are a bit harsh my friend 😀
The strong point of the armor: The original armor is bodyslided to respect the original concept and Memesupreme created a skimpy version (skirt and panty). All versions are seperated in the bodyslide.
Good content and everybody will be satisfied. Personaly, I like the skirt version....and the original conversion.
The HDT-PE cape moves very well.

As usual, with Dark Souls content, textures are a bit pixelated. However, this one is less pixelated and the result is very decent in the game whatever your resolution.
The armor contains textures in 1K, 2K and 4K. The global mix is good.

Memesupreme did a great job on this conversion. No clippings, all weights, good global shape and the skimpy addon.
Of course, the original by Team Tal helps a lot. They create good content.

So, we have a nice stuff here. May be complicated for beginners to create the compressed file but once you got it, the result is here. This armor doesn't overwrite anything. It's safe.
I recommend whatever the version.

Idye's soul is not dark.


DS Herald original by Team Tal

Waiting a new valid link... sorry for the disturbance.

DS Herald UUNP conversion by Memesupreme (LL)

1) download the bodyslide and use the new esp

2) rewrite with this first fix (textures)

3) rewrite with this last fix (bodyslide)


  1. Marmotte-- what on earth is an .osp file?

    1. hi Syl,
      OSP (Outfit Studio Project) is the project file of the outfit, which is in plain text (XML format)

      Put the fix in data/calientetools/bodyslide/slidersets

    2. Got it-- Thanks!

    3. Weelll, that was interesting! Mostly it worked, except for the Torn version of the top, which shows a big neck gap-- I assume Torn B is the bodyslide one? It did not seem to want to adjust. Well, I will have to rerun bodyslide and try to figure it out again someday, hehe.

    4. yes, there is one Torn version which is not converted. The other Torn is good.

    5. That makes sense. The unconverted one showed a huge neck gap. The converted one had a strip of neck gap, though I am wondering if it didn't actually get converted or there was an error somehow. I will try to fix it later. I do like being able to put on and take off various parts of the armor. Too bad you can't take off the top to show the arming doublet.

  2. Hello,

    Unfortunately it seems this armor is deleted! Possibly due to copyright. I think you'd want to hide it from your blog page.

    Was looking forward to trying this one out.

    1. Hi Ava,

      You're correct. The pack has been deleted very recently from the Team Tal page. 22 june 2018.

      I'll try to find another valid link. I'll probably not need to hide my page because I don't do any business with my blog.

      Thanks for the information.


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