DEM Privat UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

Note: Gloves are not bodyslided and boots are not perfect.

DEM Privat original by Krista (not needed)

DEM privat UUNP conversion by ThistimeIbeagoodgirlsir

1) new base outfit required

2) UUNP conversion

Or you can visit Thistimeibeagoodgirlsir


or Loverslab page (It's a club, you must be a menber to download)


  1. I recognize that house mod! You must have really adjusted the lighting. I had a hard time with it and all my shots were too yellow.

    I love the lace and the neck thing is fantastic. I want it for one of my guys. Looks like it's all-in-one with the corset. I'll have to find something similar.

    1. Hi Syl,

      I didn't adjust the lighting. It was just the standard lighting of the house. Rudy ENB does a nice job in interiors even if this scene here is too bright in my opinion.
      The standard lighting system of the house is not very good. Lights are not very logical and I think the house misses a lot of light source.
      But the shape of the interior is interesting....just for this set :)

      About the lingerie: Yeah , the lace is great and specialy the neck thing. Boots too :) Hope you'll find an equivalent for your character.

      Thanks for your passage.

    2. Huh-- do you have Rudy tweaked, then? All interiors are much too dark for what I do, it's every ENB so far as I can tell, Rudy included.

      And I agree on the lighting not being good. That's the house in Haven from the Cold and Dark, yes?

    3. With my rudy ENB, I use ELFX and ELFX exteriors. But I don't use ELFX enhancer which darken all interior.
      This is the reason why this interior is bright.
      Or you can brighten interior lights in the ENB too.

      Well, you have multiple solutions to obtain clean interiors.

      But this house has its own source of light, so this is not the best exemple to see the impact of ELFX.

      This house is a hobbit home

  2. Ah, I think the one I have is modeled from it.

    My ENBs are very dark inside with or without any lighting mod. I have tried them all. So it is something on my end. I have brightened interiors but that gets odd when you go into a bright interior, lol. I wish it were easier to adjust than with the ENB overlay in game. Before ENB I used Vivid Weaathers's .esp to adjust, but it does not work with ENB.


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