Dagger Lady UUNP (Domino) 4K

Dagger Lady original by Newermind43 (Nexus)

Dagger Lady UUNP by Supernixon (LL)


  1. As always I look at the picture and think-- where did he get that amazing flora? Lol. First shot, bushy thing with the leaves, what is it?

    The outfit is super cute, I may grab the original for the base UNP body. I think I have a Thalmor magelet or two who might appreciate it.

    I do like that spec map you've been featuring.

    1. Hi Syl,
      Sorry for the late answer :)

      All shots have been taken in the mod Bruma.
      In the first shot, nettles are part of the mod Bruma. They are vanilla but look very cool. So, just go to Bruma to find them.

      The ground is made of 2 elements:
      - Green 3D leaves are created with the grass mod Verdant and compatible Bruma. They are orange in the base mod but I prefer them green. I retex them with Pfucher textures https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49661/

      - The terrain is simply a texture from Noble Skyrim. This one with leaves is " Fallforestleaves01".

      I like the result and the mix between them. The terrain and leaves are 2K. I rarely saw this mix.

      Hope it helps.

      Thanks Syl


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