BDO Mini Yukata UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

Note: This armor comes from the massive BDO pack. This pack contains a lot of female armors. And some of them are already showcased here. The whole pack is UUNP converted and all will be presented here. All bodyslides are seperated. 

BDO Mini Yukata original by Team Tal

BDO Mini Yukata UUNP conversion by Thanh

or the direct link


  1. I thought the colors in the red and pink were very pretty, and then I saw the kitty purse. Hmm...

    But it looks so nice with that hairstyle.

    1. Thanks Syl.

      I try to find the adapted haircut according to the outfit. It's better if the haircut doesn't hide the cloth too. Well, it's always a sensible mix. I like to change their haircut frequently, so not a problem to me.

      The kitty is just a mask, an accessory. This can be removed if you prefer.

      Thanks for your visit Syl.

    2. Ah.. if ever I solve my current modding problem, I will have to get some new clothes...

    3. what is your current modding problem?


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