VGS Lightweight Ebony Alloy Armor UUNP (Idye) 4K

VGS Lightweight Ebony Alloy Armor original by Vulguscris (Nexus)

VGS Lightweight Ebony Alloy Armor UUNP by Quietpippin (LL)


  1. Cannot say I am a huge fan of the helmet but the rest of the armor looks nice.

    1. The helmet is very protective and covering. So, the result may looks strange according to your character face, I agree.
      But textures and reflexion are really good on metal parts and this improves the armor.
      So, yes, a strange mix betwwen this helmet and the rest of the armor.
      Visitors are judges :)

      Glenn, Thanks for your judgement.

  2. That IS a neat helmet, isn't it? I'm almost tempted to get it just to see how it goes with some Imperial-style full coverage stuff I have. Not sure I can match the metal though.

    The tones on it really match your spec map well. Nice pictures!

    I saw you over on the other site, too!

    I am re-installing currently and doing some site maintenance so my stuff won't be updated for awhile.

    1. the helmet is neat. Yes, totally. That's why I done some close up to show details.
      You can use it with other armors of full coverage. The result can be very good in my opinion.

      It's always strange to equip big helmet. It remove hairs and the helmet must match to the head. Not easy.
      It works with Idye despite her big head.

      About the ENB: yes, Rudy ENB is very friendly with clean textures. The enb is sharped. Rudy ENB is less interesting with low textures.
      The ENB shows exactly weaknesses or strenghtnesses.

      Question: You already meet me on other sites? nexus? flickr?

      Thanks Syl

    2. 2nd question: do you have a site? a blog?

  3. I do! But it is down now due to an issue with an SSL certificate and the hosting service. They will have a fix in a few days I hope.

    I think I sent it to you on Nexus. Probably bugged you for your SSS settings as well, haha.

    Syllisjehane on Nexus, reddit, you see me now and again on other sites maybe. Normally comment as syl.

    I use Snowfall Weathers-- but you are right, it needs good sharp textures or it looks unfocused.

    . I have tried to get Suki's preset up a few times (it is sharper and better with skin and some blues) but apparently I am an idiot, lol.


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