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As usual, an article about the blog. I use these articles to give you all my feelings, ideas, projects for the blog.
So, you have tendencies.
The thing is I like to add texts. Only images are sometimes a bit "limited" for me. When I'm able to do that, I try to write as much as possible. Well, with my incredible english skill 😊, but it is what it is. Forgive me for all english mistakes. But I'm sure you do!

Let's go!

1) Rogdonlp, the arrival

This is an important update on the blog. You probably noticed that Rogdonlp writes articles since some weeks. A great added value for the blog. His articles can be about everything about Bethesda's games, modding, tools, everything.......
And he does it in a very good english writting.....not like me😂
He proposes a very different content than me and that's good.
You read his articles. So, you have an interest. Thank you.
So, welcome again Rogdonlp

2) Presentation of the blog

The blog will not change. Templates, colors, bars, presentation. That's simple but easily readable. The black background is definitly perfect for images and brings a nice contrast and a comfort for your eyes.

I try to do my best about the navigation.

- All articles are ranked by date
- You have keywords. For example, if you click on the keyword "elegance", you only have elegant articles. Great isn't it?
- You have thumbnails in the right side bar with all important themes (retex, lingerie, enb, etc...)
- You can see the most viewed articles during last month
- In the side bar, you have seven randoms articles too. It's refreshed every time you are on the home page. Well, It change everytime :) or just push F5 to refresh the page
- you have of course the "search bar". Just put the word you want. It's better to write the full word. The search option is not perfect

3) 4K

Definitly!!! All over the blog!! By far better than the 2K. Much less pixelated and with better contrast, details, color, palette, deep black. This is the personal touch of the blog.
But why I do that?
Well, the answer is very simple. I have a 4K monitor that allows me to display a 4K resolution - 3840*2160.

On a 2160p, we have 8 294 000 pixels. Lot of details!!!!
On a 1080p, we have 2 073 600 pixels. Much less.

The 2K (or less) is very.........ugly on my monitor. The game and all images I see. The downscale is very bad. Rare blogs, Flickr, and Loverslab are enjoyable for me to watch. Nexus, Tumblr are very blurry for me. On Nexus, you can upload 4K images, but peoples don't do it a lot.
So, for me,1440p to play the game and 2160p to do images.

Blogger allows me to display and to upload 4K images. So I do it for a maximum comfort for you.
And you can see every little details of each armors. It's a good point I believe.

4) Global Score

When I comment an armor or an outfit, I give a global score. It's purely personal and my own experience. You can be agree with my score or not.

However, I classify UUNP bodyslide in 2 categories:

- Not patreon
- Patreon

Patreon is crowdfunding, for-profit.
I'm more demanding when the bodyslide comes from Patreon. Quality sliders, textures, meshes, concept, presentation, global content.
It's just how I feel it. Well, to make it simple, I'm just waiting perfection from all Patreon accounts.
I'm less demanding with the all free stuff.

4) I was afraid

Several weeks ago, I installed some new mods on the game and my Skyrim started to CTD. I hate that. When this happen, I was afraid to install a new game. It's a long time to re-select my content.
My game is 99.8% safe,, when I crash, I can easily find the guilty😈

So, I installed:
- Beasts of Tamriel
- Majestic Mountains
- some parts of "Witcher Decor"

After several tries and tests, "Witcher decor" was not the guilty. Meshes are clean and dont crash the game.
Beasts of Tamriel was my first suspect because the mod adds a lot of new creatures to the game. However, all the mod is standalone and "unique". Doesn't rewrite anything.Must be safe.......It is.
So, my last suspect is Majestic mountains....and it is definitly my guilty. After numerous tries, I understood that Majestic Mountains crashes my game.
Why? Honnestly I don't know exactly.
I readed that water mods are not friendly with this mod. I'm a user of "Realistic Water 2". I can't remove it, It's the best water mod ever.
I don't understand what can conflict with Majestic Mountains.

Well, In all cases, I'm frustated. My results with Majestic mountains was amazing. It's just beautiful : meshes, textures, shaders, lods.
But I can't just use it....not in my actual game.
However, If you have the "good" skyrim, you should use it. It's just the best mountains mod.

5) Comments

I thank everybody who comment on the blog.
A special thanks to all those who comment frequently. You know who you are.
You can comment anonymously if you want. This does not disturb me. I understand.

6) Idye's contest

A contest is coming on the blog. No need to have the best Skyrim of the world to win. Even a vanilla Skyrim can win the contest. I hope you'll be interested 😃
To participate, you'll just need to install one very small mod (1MB). You could remove it after.

There will be 2 winners........and with 2 prizes:

- first prize winner : My Rudy NLA ENB. Fully tweaked, beautiful, perfomant, sharped.
- second prize second place : a rare UUNP bodyslide (very rare, believe me). Hint: Oblivion

7) Ideas and suggestions

Of course, every ideas are welcome here. If you have an idea or a suggestions, do not hesitate.

Thank you



  1. Hello Marmotte,
    I had some problems with Majestic Mountains as well, it was messing up my snow textures like crazy even snow applied to architecture using Noble Skyrim. I tried applying Better Dynamic Snow and No Snow Under the Roof but neither helped. I was also using my very RARE copy of the W.A.T.E.R. mod by SparrowPrince that was on the Nexus about 6 months ago for all of an Hour before he got Banned again. (I'm glad I got the Copy when I did!).
    Anyway Check these images out:

    No Matter what i tried I could not resolve this issue, even with new updates to Majestic, following T4gtr34um3r's suggestions, changing snow textures..... So I had to regrettably unistall Majestic as well.
    Its a shame because I agree with you, these truly are the BEST mountain textures available for Skyrim.

    1. Well, we are living the same experience. It's frustating :)
      Maybe water mods, or snow shaders or something else.

      Whatever the load order, the game still crashes with MM and randomly.
      So, like you I had to regrettably unistall Majestic.
      Lods was very good and in the sort distance the result was perfect too.

      So, no solutions for us. Let's just hope a safer version in the future.

      Thanks Joe for this comment. I'm not alone.... :)

    2. I had some very ugly snow textures as well. Might I suggest looking on Skyrim SSE Nexus? There were a few snow textures over there that had some backports listed. Fluffy snow, I think? I took care of the issue by making a snow texturemore transparent (I learned that from you! I just opened in gimp and reduced opacity about 20 percent).

      But do not do your snow texture testing in Windhelm, it has bad meshes which make the stone look like it's dipped in white paint.

      I use Majestic Mountains (darkside or lightside) with RW2 no problem. RW2 overwriting all water rocks and things like that. I overwrite a lot of MM textures-- most of what is not rock. I did have some issues with the default MM choice, but I can't remember what. I am now using lightside MM even though I like darkside better, due to the terrible terrible snowlods, even messing with opacity only helps so much with those. You don't see that in vanilla because the bad snow looks okay on the terrible mountains.

      It would be very strange if it were a texture conflict causing all this or even a little mesh overwrite. I bet you need to look at your worldspace conflicts or redownload. It's an easy mod to get corrupted.

      I don't use 8k because I want my textures to be consistent and most are 2k/1k.

      I will post screenshots for you if you like.

      So sorry for the terrible quality though-- I know mine don't look that great once they're put into .jpg and then up on nexus or imgur, both of which compress. It's half an hour to upload .bmp if it works at all so I just don't.

    3. Hi Syl,

      Textures don't create CTD but meshes can conflict.. However, you are the second person who use MM and Realistic Water 2 without any problems.
      So, I presume, the imcompatibility comes from another mod in my game. I'll check a second time.
      About snow textures, I'm satisfied with mine actualy.

      However during my tests, MM meshes overwrites RW2 wetrocks meshes. Maybe I should do the opposite? I will try at the end of the next week.
      So, maybe the conflict comes from "wet rocks" meshes.

      Strangely, MM crash the game in Skyrim but not in the mod Bruma. An incomprehension for me.

      Actualy, the mod is removed, and I'm back with safer mountains. The game is stable like before.

      Yes you can post screenshots on nexus or you can send me on my nexus account. I track you. Jpg or png are good format. Bmp is too heavy.

      Thanks for the feedback Syl.

    4. Yes RW2 must overwrite the meshes. If MM crashes in Skyrim but not in Bruma definitely check worldspace edits.

      And I will PM you. If you are happy with your snow textures then you are happier than I am. SE snow textures you can get better shaders for but the ones in classic Skyrim ... ugh.

    5. I'm waiting your PM. I'm happy with my snow because it's a "special" snow.....
      We can exchange your images against my snow. I'm sure you'll like it :)

  2. WoodsDwellerMay 27, 2018

    Marmotte --
    My first comment here. I discovered your blog a few months ago and now I check it nearly every day. You do good work. I've found numerous interesting armors that I've been able to integrate into my game.
    I'm surprised that you are having trouble with Majestic Mountains. I run that together with Realistic Water 2 on an ancient machine with a 2 GB graphics card and it's perfectly stable. I also recommend Obsidian Mountain Fogs, it made a huge difference with little or no performance impact. Let us know if you figure out your problem.
    Keep doing what you're doing.

    1. Hi WoodsDweller,
      I don't use Obsidian mountain fog. I use vividian weather, so I can increase the density of fog/clouds with the ENB settings.

      I still don't know where is the imcompatibility between my game and Majestic mountains.
      Maybe water mods, maybe smim, maybe elfx. Load order doesn't change anything.

      So, for now I removed the mod and I'm waiting an update. Safer...

      However, thanks for your feedback, that's just means there is HOPE.

      Thanks for this first constructive comment :)

  3. im excited for contest :3

    1. Oh yes. It's a unique contest. It took some time to find the idea but I have it.
      It's a very open contest. Everybody can win the contest, enb or not enb, vanilla or modded, beginner or advanced players.

      I think we will have champions!!!!.....

  4. My Skyrim is all messed up right now. I am thinking I may have to uninstall and reinstall. So I feel the pain there.
    Keep up the good work

    1. I understand Glenn.
      But I believe you have a SE too?

      The positive is that you can build a new oldrim better than your old instalation.
      It just take some days/weeks.
      Good luck Glenn.

    2. Yeah, I do but SE freezes whenever I go in a city or near a town. Which is why I haven't been posting too many Skyrim shots lately. GUess I should figure out what is going on and get it all working again.

  5. I wonder what this contest will be? :o

    1. Ah, ah...mystery :) Idye is the judge for this contest...not me :)


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