Bouncy Bodices and Booties UUNP (Idye) 4K


The original file is very old : 29 july 2012
But I remember a good experience when I tried it several years ago in the standard UNP form....when the bodyslide wasn't available.

So, today , the outfit has been bodyslided by Siegmeyer. His work start to be more and more polished. I like that, and his choice of outfits/armors too.

Despite of its old age, the outfit is very well done with a lot of content and with a lot of available mash up. You just need to know that the mod doesn't contain boots. So, select what you want for boots.

The outfit comes with:
- belt
- Buttflap
- shorts
- socks
- torso

All these parts can be combined to achieve a special result. You can even combine them with other mods. Well, it has a lot of potential in my humble opinion. I really like the "stormcloak" or the "imperial" theme of this outfit ( those which are gridded or stripped).
Some parts are transparent, some parts are armored, some parts are just fabric.
Lot of possibilities!!!

The outfit suits very nice to Idye. Perfect for snooper like her 😊

The bodyslide is absolutly perfect. It's a real glove...and will fit perfectly to your girls. Some clippings on the elbow.....but nothing important. Elbows are not the easiest part to bodyslide.

Textures are really good too. Socks and shorts look really good in game. Torso is sometimes really good or just good. Depends of the theme.
In all cases, textures are 2K. Not bad for an old outfit!

Well, a very nice conversion. You can use it for all your adventures. It's cute.....and just enough!
No weak points (despite the absence of boots and gloves). The outfit makes sense with its themes (stormcloak, imperial, ebony, dwemer,etc...).

Well played

Bouncy Bodices and Booties original by Dikr (not required)

Bouncy Bodices and Booties UUNP conversion by Siegmeyer

or Siegmeyer's LL page


  1. I pick the green one. Even though I wasn't asked.

    1. nice choice Glenn. Perfect for camouflage :)

  2. Replies
    1. the chainmail "stormcloak" or "imperial" version are really good (gridded or stripped). One of my favorite too. Every players can find the perfect mashup.

      Thank you for your presence

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2018

    I see that you never posted a preset for Idye. Is there any chance that you'll make one?

    1. Idye uses forbidden assets on the Nexus. That's the reason why the preset is not available. I believe you know rules on Nexus.....

      So, for now, no preset for Idye. Without all requirements, her face changes. I don't want an incomplete preset.

    2. AnonymousMay 13, 2018

      Ah. Understood. That's fair. I wish there was a way, but yea the Nexus is pretty strict with that stuff. Cheers and thanks for the reply.

  4. Damn so old schoold armor, finally UUNP !!!

    1. Old School armor is good :) We can find very nice stuff between 2012 and 2014. It has definitly a place on the blog.
      Otashe, Thanks for your comment.


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