Bean Sidhe UUNP (Diana) 4K

Bean Sidhe original by Yangyang (7B upload by Kandyou)

Bean Sidhe UUNP conversion by Kenmastery


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2018

    Bodyslide cannot load nif while batch-building, shame because I love this outfit but now it just does not fit.

    1. Don't batch build it. Just build it with the build button. the outfit is only one line in the bodyslide. It works.

    2. AnonymousMay 12, 2018

      this is going to show my lack of understanding of (BS) but I load the Bean Sidhe in outfit\bodv and my preset disappears so do I have enter all slider data manually?

    3. Don't worry. Everybody have lack of understanding.
      1) download the original
      2) download the uunp bodyslide
      3) extract all in an independant folder
      4) create a compressed file with the esp, textures folder, meshes folder and the calientetools folder. Give the name you want.
      5) instal with NMM or MO
      6) open you bodyslide progran
      7) select the line "bean sidhe" in outfit/Body
      8) select your favorite preset in "preset" (mine is UUNP - UNPetite)
      9) Build button
      10) Done
      11) Play :)

    4. AnonymousMay 12, 2018

      Marmotte, I have done all up to 8) my preset (custom:New Icon Body) and all others disappear leaving a blank drop-down list.

    5. OK, I 'm doing a try with the New icon Body. I give you a feedback.

    6. I did a try with your custom body preset. It works perfectly. Be sure to put your body preset in the good folder.

      Skyrim/data/calientetools/bodyslide/sliderPresets/ Delakh - Icon Body 3.0

    7. Such beautiful pictures! Number 11 especially is a work of art.

    8. Thank you Syl. Glad you appreciate. The "daily" articles don't allow me to achieve perfect screenshots. "Work of art" takes more time and generally only one shot is exposed.
      However, I try to do a mix between quantity and quality. And with the 4K resolution.

      I appreciate
      thank you

  2. great screenshots, but the outfit is a lil too skimpy for me, hehe.

    1. I agree Wnise. I did the article because the bodyslide is very clean and visually enjoyable (shiny and transparency), but the bikini itself is not the type of oufit I use.
      So, nice conversion, a classic, but difficult to use in the game. Only screenshots maybe.


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