BDO Sorceress - Cartian Outfit UUNP (Diana) 4K

Note : In the bodyslide, gloves crash the program. It's normal, so just don't bodyslide them. Original meshes fit well.

BDO Sorceress - Cartian Outfit original by Dint999

or direct link

BDO Sorceress - Cartian Outfit UUNP


  1. Lovely stuff as usual! I have been following you for about a year, and whenever I need a new UUNP outfit, your website is always first on my mind.

    Keep being awesome. =)

    1. What can I answer to your commentary? well, a very very big thank you. I appreciate your fidelity to this blog.
      I hope you still appreciate the style, the content and the presentation of this blog. As you know, I like simplicity.
      It's an honor that my website (small blog) is always first on your mind, because more other complete websites exist about conversions.
      Thank you, that just means I'm not redundant.



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