Momiji Mummy UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K


Question: How to kill a draugr?
Answer: Be a draugr!

It's Kissmiax's motto. To achieve this special capacity, you must have:

- a badass skull warpaint
- an adapted weapon (2 big bloody bones are a good choice, but punches are good too)
- and of course this outfit (It's made of strips)

With this ensemble, you will be able to surprise all draugrs. They think you are just a lone draugr and one of them.
This is the perfect moment to hit them hard from behind.
The element of surprise is perfect.......and you win the fight (work against every type of draugrs)

Of course, It's better to be an orc like Kissmiax. So, a strong muscular body is welcome to take hits.
Kissmiax recommends to keep your berserker rage for these special moments (reminder : take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds)

Of course, bands adapt to your body and they cover just enough.

Now , you are ready to clean nordic tombs........with style and efficiency. 

Do not thanks Kissmiax. As a professional of melee combat, she is always ready to give you a hand.

Thank you Kissmiax.


Momiji Mummy original by Jared Palmquist

or the direct link

Momiji Mummy UUNP conversion by Dianne (LL)


Leave it to chance!