Light Elven Armor UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


I've been waiting this conversion for a veeeeeeeeeeery long time. I wonder why nobody hasn't done it before.
The original author is Newermind43. He has done some of the most influent armors on Skyrim....mainly Nexus. The quality of his work doesn't need to be proved.
This light armor has of course superb textures. An habit with Newermind. The original is a very very very fine 2K......sometimes looks like 4K. This is normal, his 2K textures have a very light compression. So, you have an amazing result.
Always about textures, the advantage of this armor if the large choice of colors. A lot, a lot, a lot πŸ˜‹
As I said, the original brown is perfect, so several peoples made retextures of this outfit. They probably took the original and reworked it to apply new colors. You can find all you want:

- brown - grey - crimson - purple - multi colored - green - and more...

You'll notice that some retextures are less detailled than the original. Somes have more compression and sometimes more blury.
I show you a panel of retextures....those I like. You can find more. I list all retextures below.

In all cases, the big choice for textures is a major strong point for this armor.

The armor is absolutly lore friendly. Can be used in all games. If you like elves, this armor is a must have for you.
It's absolutely stylish and absolutly feminine.
Indeed, the armor is able to improve the silhouette of your character. Not a lot of armors/outfits can do that. Probably due to textures which follow all curves of the body. Well, I really like and Lorelei too.

So, great textures, lore friendly, feminine and stylish. A great combo , isn't it?

And the UUUNP bodyslide? Is it good?
Hopefully, yesπŸ˜…
Honnestly I was afraid when I tried the conversion. A great armor like this light elven armor  REQUIRES a good Bodyslide.
The bodyslide is clean and respect the original shape. Textures are not too much stretch and the global silhouette is always so feminine. You are reassured.
I did not notice clippings. Sometimes one or two , but nothing important. 

A must have. Took a long time to have it. So, I appreciate the gesture, the idea and the sharing of the modder Inky84. He made the good choice.
The global work is very clean and detailled and deserve a high score. The original armor helps to reach this score of course.

Now Lorelei is well-rounded :)


Light Elven Armor original by Newermind43

Light Elven Armor UUNP conversion by Inky84

Light Elven Armor green/brow by Raven 

Light Elven Armor multi colored/ mage-theme by Tru3magic

Light Elven Armor grey or purple version by CrimsonFairy

Light Elven Armor crimson Retexture by UndeadGoblin


  1. There are some great shots in this set. Good work

    1. Thank Glenn. Shots are very simple. On my blog, i only focus on armors and details (textures, meshes, bodyslide). No special effects, no stories, no artistic shots.
      My goal is details and the content of the mod.
      However, if you find them cool, thank you :)


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