Guardian Outfit UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


When I go on a Patreon page, I'm waiting a perfect content:

- presentation
- content
- quality sliders
- great textures
- added value

I'm waiting more of a Patreon page compared to all the free stuff we can find all over the internet.

And I'm terribly disapointed with this one.
First, the outfit disappears in water....Not my fault, Lorelei like swimming😋
Then , I had very high difficulties to catch details and reliefs of the outfit. Probably because of normal maps of the outfit. They definitly miss something.
In interior, screenshots are almost impossible to highlight the outfit. We lose all details and the outfit become very dark. Too bad , I like shots in interiors and I'm sure my ENB is perfect in interiors.

Of course , I tried the outfit during various weathers, daytime, nightime, exterior and interior. The outfit is rarely superb and never enhanced.

The bodyslide itself is clean and the job is done. That's the positive point of the outfit.

So, a lot of points that decrease my pleasure during this article and during my screenshots session.
This is the 0.2 version....probably a beta version. I don't know. But the modder notice that textures and normal maps are already, this could be an alpha too. You are the judge.

So, the outfit works perfectly but I can't give a high score. I have a sensation of " totally unfinished".

Patreon should means excellence.


Guardian Outfit UUNP by Alexandr Melodic (Patreon)


  1. Thank you for your thorough review, as always! I agree, Patreon mods really should meet higher standards than others. And yes, the textures really do seem to be missing something, especially the tan areas on the leggings and boots.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      The creator of this mod has increased his global quality these last months. So, recent works should be better.
      This outfit was one of his first try I believe. This is an explanation.

      About Patreon accounts (public mods), my position hasn't changed and i still waiting more.
      Glad we share the same feeling about that and thanks for your passage :)



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