Jennes UUNP 4K

COMMENTARY!.....and UUNP. They will match perfectly to your favorite girl😍

I took the liberty to do some artistic shots at the begining of the article. I don't do it very often, but these boots are very adapted to this sort of shots. And an artistic touch take more time in screenarchery. 

The mod is very simple. It's just a pair of boots. Not long boots, not short boots, just over the knee.
The style is modern. It's made of leather...shiny leather.
UUNP outfits or accessories are very rare on Nexus, so it's interesting to watch this upload.

The global result is nice. The UUNP conversion is very clean. No clippings...even on knees and articulations. That's a good point.
As I said, boots are modern, so they will not satisfy "lore friendly" players. It's a choise.

The boots react a lot to reflection. So, I made a comparison in one image. You can see the difference with and without.
Textures are ok. They are 2K. The mod provides a grey retex. I don't showcase it.
The interesting part is the red sole. You can read the trademark "Jennes". That's funny
Other than that, I'm waiting more of a mod like that. More colors, more variation, more content.
The mod has a nice result in 2K resolution. 4K resolution weakened the boots.

Well, nicely done.....but not a revolution and not a revelation.


Jennes UUNP by Frankfranky (Nexus)


  1. I liked these boots a lot and was waiting for a uunp conversion. Thanks for the post!

    1. Yes, I saw your user image on the nexus mod page. The modder should use your image to promote his mod :) The uunp conversion is in the optional download section. I knew you like them :)
      Thanks Wnise

  2. Killer boots dude.

    1. They are! Nicely done. They are a bit too much modern for my game, but the mod is clean and deserves a place on the blog. so, here they are.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That's correct. Shots have been made in the Aether Suite. That makes sense for modern outfit and accessories.
      Thank for following me, I appreciate.


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