Sexy Imperial General Armor UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K

Sexy Imperial General Armor original by Goma (required)

Sexy Imperial General Armor UUNP conversion by DD (Loverslab)

Optional : Heavy Imperial Armor retexture (1K or 2K) by Gulchanar


  1. hey there, was wondering what walking/running animations you use?

    just watched your vid on youtube:

    (great vid btw) but I liked the animations you were using a lot and would like to use them as well.

    1. Hi Wnise,

      I'm mixing animations. However, for the main walk/run/sprint I'm using "Her animation".
      The file is actualy hidden for a futur update......good :)
      I plan to update my animations for the run/sprintwith other mods.

      If you need the file, I can send you a link.


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