Sexy Eisen Platte Armor UUNP + colors (Idye) 4K

 Royal Blue Recolor

Royal Gold Recolor

Silver blue Recolor


The "original" eisen platte armor is an old creation. This oldie has been skimpified and converted to UUNP. This conversion is the sexy version. The one presented here today.
Unfortunatly, the original eisen armor does not exist in the UUNP form. This article only presents the sexy version.

As usual, on TESLAB, the UUNP conversion is very well done. No clippings, no missing parts and a clean esp to wear all weights. I'm always satisfied with TESLAB conversions.

The interest of this article are all colors available. Indeed, the original Eisen Platte Armor has been recolored a lot. Lot of new colors are available and you can of course use them. My favorite are showcase in the article. The superb royal blue, the nice gold recolor and the stylish silver blue.

Below, I list several links to find new textures like the original, a black one.
To use new textures, you simply need to replace them in the armor textures folder (data/textures/R18PN/armor/eisen platte armor).

this sexy version uses these names:


So, the armor uses by default this list of textures. If you desire to use a variation (like me), just rename textures you want with the names above.

I hope I'm clear đŸ˜„. In all cases, that's easy to do and a easy way to understand how meshes and textures work together.

So, as a conclusion, a very interesting conversion with a lot of recolors available. They are 2K and they react very well to reflection. The bodyslide is clean. Small streches on the chest specialy with flat bodies.

If the bodyslide was available for all variations of the standard armor (full armor and the skirt), the armor could have reach a very high score. But we only have a standard sexy version.

I'm satisfied but I'm still waiting an UUNP conversion of the standard Eisen Platte Armor.


Sexy Eisen Platte Armor original by Mita

Sexy Eisen Platte Armor UUNP conversion on TESLAB

"How to download on TESLAB?"
1) click on the zip button
2) click on "click here to start download"
3) click on the first blue link
4) you have the file

Royal Blue recolor

Royal Gold or Black retexture by Messiasmummo (Nexus)

Black blue or Silver Blue retexture by Nisen

original textures by Kurese

Steel/grey retexture by Cluelessclue


  1. this is perfect for my Nord paladin! ^_^ also Happy Valentines Day Marmotte!

    1. Ah, Thank you . I should have done a special article for Valentines day. This would has been funny :)
      About the armor : it's fully playable and you can adapt the color according to your taste. Your paladin will be surely satisfied.

      Thanks again and I hope you had a nice happy Valentines Day!

  2. This is an awesome shoot. The Gold textures really work here.

    1. Yes Glenn. The gold version is great. It's even better with the standard shape of the Eisen Platte because you have more details on the chest and the skirt.......maybe one day, somebody will convert it.
      An oldie (I like oldies) but a pretty nice result as you can see.

      Thanks for your fidelity Glenn.

  3. Marmotte, le lien pour l'UUNP ne marche pas chez moi...
    As tu un lien alternatif, ou t'est il possible de m'envoyer le fichier ? Elle est vraiment sympa cette armure. Pretty please <3

    1. Salut Skhan,

      Grace Ă  ton message, je viens de me rendre compte que TESLAB vient de supprimer tous le contenu de ses liens UUNP. bonne nouvelle du jour.......
      Je vais mettre un message sur ma page de présentation pour prévenir mes visiteurs de la gène occasionée.
      Donc j'attends de voir si le site TESLAB met Ă  jour ses liens ou si j'arrĂªte simplement les showcases en provenance de ce site.

      Je n'ai plus l'armure en stock sur mon disque dur. Je ne peux donc pas t'aider pour le moment.
      Si j'arrive Ă  la chopper, je te fais signe.

      merci pour le message


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