Nightshade Armor UUNP (Domino) 4K

Nightshade Armor original by Calyps (Nexus)

Nightshade Armor UUNP by Diablio


  1. How do you get the Nightshade Cuirass, as well as a few other mods to appear in the game. Are they forged, purchased, or already installed in the items menu?

    1. Hi Derek,

      For this nightshade armor, you have 2 possibilities.
      First, just follow the description of the main page on nexus. "Craftable armor, found under "misc", designed for use as an assassin."

      Or you can simply add this armor to your inventory with the mod ADDITEMMENU 2:
      This mod allows you to explore all your esps in game and to catch the content you want.

      Regards and thanks for your interest.

    2. Thanks Marmotte!... However, the Calyps armor, doesn't seem to be "HDT".. Now, the one version by Diablio states HDT specifically. This Diablio version, is the one that doesn't appear in the items. Now, I do have both versions installed. Where do I locate Diablio's files?

    3. Hi Derek,

      Diablio converts all pieces of this armor. So, all the content is UUNP now. Calyps's meshes are rewrite by Diablio's meshes.

      In your inventory, all parts are normally converted to the body preset you selected in the Bodyslide.


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